They’re Still For Me!


The gifts and calling of God are irrevocable.  Romans 11:29

         Once God makes a promise, a covenant, it is irrevocable.  The one upon whom God places His favor cannot ‘un-earn’ covenant love.  “But God, didn’t you know that Abraham’s descendants would commit gross sins against you?  Didn’t you know they would bow down to other gods?  Didn’t you know that they would throw their own children in the fire for sacrifices?  Didn’t you know they would hear You calling and choose to turn their backs?”

         Yes, He knew.  His love remains to this day.  Though He has experienced anger, even pronounced temporary judgment, His covenant still stands.  Their calling is irrevocable.

         While praying for you this morning, God showed me that some of you are reading these daily devotionals with one eye closed, head turned to the side, as if to lessen the impact.  You don’t dare believe this love is for you.  No favor of God, no calling, no promise could possibly apply to you.  You believe you’ve erred too badly, offended God beyond what a relationship can withstand.

         Not true!  Our sin is not the point.  The power of Jesus’ death over sin is everything.  Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ.

         Dare to believe.  He has called You, has drawn You to Himself in love, and though you’ve backed up and turned yours eyes away, His arms are still extended.  You don’t need fear going home.  “I’ve missed you.  Where have you been?” might be the first thing you hear.

People punish me by withdrawing their love.  Yours stands – no matter what.  Oh what a Father You are.  Amen

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