Why Is That?


But all did not obey the gospel.  For Isaiah says, Lord, who has believed our message?  Romans 10:15-16

         When Isaiah laments about how few believe, he has spoken for God’s servants past and present.  Evidence for God is all around us.  Evidence for the life, death, and resurrection of Christ is irrefutable.  Yet still, so few believe.  Why is that?

         Sin is so infectious and has done such a number on the spiritual condition of people that they cannot see the Light.  Sin deceives and blinds.  When a preacher delivers the Gospel under the most powerful anointing He has ever experienced, and then only a small percentage of his audience responds, he may cry out in his spirit as Isaiah did.  “Why, Lord?  Why don’t more get it?”

         I will spend a lifetime with Jesus and live in the life of the Scriptures and never fully understand the full nature of my own sin.  I believe that I am fully alive to Christ and mostly free to see the power of the Word and yet my old nature still veils my ability to see the Light.  Paul said it another way. “Now I know partially, but then I will know completely in the same way that I have been completely known.”  I Cor. 13:12  That’s why it’s called a sin nature.  My ‘nature’ is to be blinded.  It’s in my spiritual DNA from Adam.

         I heard of a woman recently who was bitter over how her Christian father had failed her.  She announced that she couldn’t fully forgive until her father understood the full extent of his sin and showed proper remorse.  Forgiveness was conditional upon his total absence of spiritual blindness.  That will never happen.  Though he could come to the place where he sees ‘in part’, he will never fully understand his own sin until eternity.

         I’m glad that Jesus forgave me and made me His without me having to fully understand all matters pertaining to my sin.  I have, still, no idea all the sin, in me, that Jesus died for.  I just know that I am a sinner and needed forgiveness.  Not until eternity when my eyes are open to behold His glory will the blackness of sin be on full display.  One day, I’ll realize how veiled Jesus was to me when I am free from this body of death.

         The narrow way is marked by those who know they’ve sinned.  But none on the narrow way know how badly they are infected.  No wonder so few respond.  Satan has blinded the minds of the human race.  The entrance of the Word giveth light – a little at a time.

I can’t afford to spend ONE day out of Your Word.  Turn on the light more and more today in my spirit.  The risk will be seeing my own sin.  ‘Tis no risk though when I see the light of Your glory and feel inexpressible joy.  Amen

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