The Law Was A Pointer


For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes.  Romans 10:4

         The Law was never an end unto itself.  It was designed by God to be fulfilled in Christ.  The sacrifices that were made were just pointers to the once-and-for-all sacrifice of Christ.  He gave His life as the perfect Lamb – doing away forever with the need to sacrifice anything else.  He was morally perfect and because of that, He was the only One who could fulfill the law and forgive sin.

         Yet everyday, people live as if the law still exists and as if, by keeping it, God is appeased.

         Unbelievers live their lives by a self-made set of scales.  They perceive bad deeds on the one side and good deeds on the other.  By ‘keeping the law’ enough times, their good deeds outweigh the bad and earn them God’s favor and an eternal home in heaven.  The problem is, God never suggested this exercise in morality.  He declared from the beginning that man was entirely sinful and needed a Savior.  The law was given to frustrate man, not give him a goal he could achieve, and cause him to see that it was impossible to keep it.  In desperation, he would look for a Savior who could forgive his sin and give him a new heart that was bent to obey.

         Here is what’s troubling though.  As a believer, I can live my life by a self-made set of scales too.  I can know, intellectually, that I am accepted by God.  I know that He is my Father.  But justification is blurry.  Believing that God sees me as righteous as Jesus is out of reach if I look at myself instead of Christ.  To keep God happy with me, I perform.  I become a rule-keeper, a law-keeper.  I try to do enough things on the ‘good deeds’ side of the scales to outweigh the bad so that at the end of the day, God weighs them and decides I can be in His good graces.

         Romans 10:4 is to be taken by faith!  Christ put an end to all law-keeping.  In Christ, I am complete and holy.  When I sin, He forgives but He also continues to declare me justified and righteous.  This is the radical good news of the Gospel.  I don’t need to perform to keep my Father happy.  I just need to obey because I am happy over such a love as this.

No more tip-toeing.  No more dancing on egg shells.  Peace with You brings rest in my obedience.  Amen

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