Split-Second Deliverance


For He will give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways. Psalm 91:11

I went alone yesterday to our local Trader Joes, a grocery store, for some last minute shopping for Christmas.  As soon as I opened my car door, I could see a man approaching me, eyeing me.  I ignored him, put up the tailgate of my Volvo wagon to get some grocery bags out to bring inside.  Immediately, he was under the tailgate with me, striking up a conversation, wanting to shake my hand.  He asked for money and seemed edgy.  I was polite but all the while, I was asking God how to get out of this potentially dangerous situation. 

In a split-second, three police cars squealed to a stop within 5 feet of where we stood;  two Georgia State Trooper cars with four officers, and an un-marked Fed car with two plain clothes officers.  Instead of yelling, “freeze”, to the man under the tailgate with me and causing him to panic and act out, one officer approached me and acted like a long lost friend.  “Hey, how have you been?  I haven’t seen you in a long time!  You’re going shopping for Christmas, I bet.”  I played along and followed his lead and all the while, he is slowly leading me away from the scene, tugging on my jacket to hasten my pace.

Once a safe distance away, he told me to go into Trader Joes and wait for other state troopers to join me.  I was kept company for the next hour as this man’s arrest unfolded.  I asked several of them, “Who is he?  What is he wanted for?”  The answer was ‘criminal behavior’ and ‘they’ve been closing in on him for a while.’  They did admit that the scene could have been ‘very bad’.

As I was later questioned – and didn’t have much to report because of the fed’s timely arrival – the realization of what might have happened began to dawn on me.  The love and care of my heavenly Father came into stunning view.

We are never, not even for a split-second, out of the watchful eye of our Father and the angels of heaven.  Be encouraged!  Our God is awesome in power and so faithful.

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