Grafted In To Share The Fruit


Israel is a luxuriant vine; He produces fruit for himself.  Hosea 10:1

            When God chooses to bless me, it is not so I can fill my barns with grain and sit on the pile and admire it.  It is not so I can sit and enjoy the feeling of grain running through my fingers.  It is not so I can make my home into a museum.  Blessings are mine to hold loosely.  They are a reminder to praise the One who gives.  They are mine to pass on. Whatever has been entrusted to me is ultimately for the purposing of blessing others.

  •     God has taken me through some storms.  The experiences through good and evil have trained me in the ways of wisdom.  Is this so I can become self-impressed over how much I know?  No, wisdom is to be shared.
  •      God has taken me through some losses.  Growing up in an emotionally reserved home, I am still learning learned how to grieve and ultimately rest in God’s arms.  Is this so I can enjoy His comfort and keep it to myself?  No, comfort is to be shared.
  •      God has allowed betrayal to mark my path.  I am learning to make forgiveness a lifestyle.  Is this to be my solitary experience?  No, lessons of forgiveness are to be modeled with humility. 

            May I never see myself as a vine that self-serves.  The fruit that results from being grafted into Jesus is for mass consumption.  I taste, eat, and savor the goodness of God, then turn the fruit outwards as an offering for others who are waiting to taste such delicacies.  May everything He has cultivated in the depths of my spirit be available to make the one and only God known to my world.

I can’t believe what You have invested in me, Lord.  Why me?  If only to be poured out as a drink offering.  Give me strength, and youth, and joy in serving you.  Amen


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