Unpredictable Affection


What can I do with you, Judah?  Your love is like the morning mist, like the early dew that disappears.  Hosea 6:4

It is confusing to experience fickle behavior at the hands of a friend. One moment their eyes may be framed with concern, the next, they appear unmoved by our plight.  Not being able to predict which ‘friend’ we will encounter, our heart cannot be fully at rest.  We are on guard when sharing our thoughts and feelings.  If one visit goes well, we nervously anticipate the next, waiting for the shoe to drop.

I know many who were raised by parents whose behavior was unpredictable.  Happy one day, but in a rage the next.  The children lived nervously.  As adults, they somehow perceive that God is also changeable.  They have a difficult time relaxing in His love.  They believe that He is unreasonable and that His wrath is stirred up without provocation.

God stays the same.  We are the ones who change.  God knows all too well that we are fickle.  Yet, He is not reserved with us.  He is like a lover who shares Himself with abandon, hoping for the best.  When the outcome is warm and affectionate, He is satiated.  When we regard Him with disinterest or level unfair accusations at Him, He extends to us anyway even though His heart is left longing.  That God would make Himself vulnerable to the likes of you and me seems ludicrous, yet that is how much He values intimacy.  That is the very reason we were created.  He planned our birth, watched our development, and waited for the day when we would look up and say, “Wow, You said You love me and You proved it.  I will walk with You!”

Dew appears in the morning when the day is new, but with a little heat it dissipates.  May my love for God survive my own fears, circumstances that would seem to implicate His unfairness, and the heat of fiery trials.  He is good and loving, all of the time.

Help me grow up to love like You, Lord.  Amen

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