Falls Like A Sword, Then Saves


It was sin, producing death in me through what is good, in order that sin might be shown to be sin, and through the commandment might become sinful beyond measure.  Roman 7:13

Scriptures, without application, do nothing for me.  It was the Word, falling like a sword, that opened my heart to the awareness that I was a sinner.  The Word exposed my heart, made me take a look in God’s mirror, and showed me the way home to His heart.

“People perish for lack of knowledge,” Hosea said.  My journey into the Word, who is Christ, had only just begun when I became a Christian.  Scripture only started to unveil what I needed to address.  James said, “Receive the Word implanted which is able to save your soul.” On the day of salvation, I was saved from eternal condemnation, but each day, my soul is in the process of being saved from the bondage of sin.  How does it happen?  The Word falls.  It exposes sin.  I repent.  Then, the Spirit of God brings change.  This transformation takes a lifetime.

A process like this just doesn’t sound like much fun.  Who would want to do it?  Why would I hunger for the chance to go to a book that was going to expose sin in my life?  If it’s for the wrong reason – my stamina for this journey will grow weaker by the day.  But if it is for the right reason, I will not be able to stay out of the book.  Joy, on the other side of remorse, will be my companion.

I grew up in a legalistic environment.  The command was, “Read the Word.  Just do it!” There seemed to be no joy attached to it.  But now, thank God it’s all different.  Why do I run to the Word?  Because sin separates me from the One I love so much.  If I repent, I get more of Jesus in my life.  Sin and daily repentance brings high dividends.

I had no idea that I would be on this journey with you, the adventure of a lifetime.  I love how You are changing me.  Amen

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