What Happened To Passion?


For while we were living in the flesh, our sinful passions, aroused by the law, were at work in our members to bear fruit for death.  Romans 7:5

Passion can be evil.  It can also be good.  It is a neutral thing.  When I became aware of the law (the moral code of what is good and bad), my passion was ignited to break the rules.  Tell a child not to do something and rebellion is ignited.  Passionately, I wanted to do what was not good for me.  Satan knew how to prepare sin’s party so that it looked inviting; looked like it was tailor-made for me.

Once I embraced Jesus, learned to understand and love God, what happened to my passion?  It was supposed to ignite in a different direction.  What I used to love, I was to hate with a passion.  What I used to hate, I was to love passionately!

The nature of being lukewarm, a condition which God hates, means being void of passion.  Does this describe me, my church, my Christian friends?  There is nothing more dangerous to my soul than to hang around children of God with no passion.

Think of the last time you were set free through hearing a sermon, or from your time in the Word and in prayer.  You were stirred to the point of tears and joy.  You just had to tell somebody.  Passionately, you took your news to a few Christians and shared your ‘pearls.’  They were polite, they listened, but their response lacked God’s emotional response.

If I make lukewarm Christians the hub of my fellowship, I am in a position to share the most beautiful and personal things of the Spirit with those who will not confirm them.  When I am undone, they will remain unmoved. Chances are, the next time I go to them, I will reign in my emotions.  It won’t take long for me to become emotionally flat in order to fit in.

My church home needs to be a place that passionately hates what God hates and passionately love what God loves.  God has a heart that beats with deep emotion.  If his children fail to feel what He feels, and express it, there is grave spiritual illness.  Perhaps it’s time for many to change their spiritual company.

Thank you for the spiritual partners you have brought into my life.  Oh, how they love you.  Not just in word but in passion.  Never let me leave company of those who are on the move for the kingdom.  Amen

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