Since, therefore, we have now been justified by his blood, much more shall we be saved by him from the wrath of God.  Romans 5:9

If you grew up in a family that didn’t express themselves well, you probably experienced other’s disapproval without words.  A tone, even a look, communicated that you had done something wrong but you didn’t know what.  If you dared ask, you might have heard, “Well, you should know. I shouldn’t have to tell you.” That was the end of the matter.

Entering adulthood doesn’t automatically erase the nagging sense of insecurity you feel about those closest to you.  If they have a bad day, you automatically assume you are the problem.  If they are quiet, it can undo you.

All of us were born with the keen sense that God was angry with us, that we were alienated from Him.  And we were ~ until we made peace with God through Christ.  When I made Jesus my personal Savior, all my sin was forgiven and God’s wrath was satisfied by Jesus’ sacrificial death on my behalf.  I need to let that sink in on a bad day.

Too many of God’s children, and I know from personal experience, live with nagging doubts that God is disappointed in them.  We mistake His quiet working in our lives as displeasure and punishment.  What can be done about our uneasiness?  A review of doctrine and honest praying.

Father, Jesus paid for my sins.  I am in right relationship with you.  You see me as justified, perfect in Christ.  You are for me, not against me.  You draw near to me even when I can’t feel it.  I can always draw near to You without fearing rejection.  If I’ve sinned, You will always show me so peace can be mine.  Heal my experiences with imperfect people.  You are God, and not like them.  Amen


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