Finally At Peace


Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.  Romans 5:1

            When I function, daily, in a world of frantic activity, I dream of peace.  When I work in an atmosphere where there is conflict and negativity, I dream of peace.  When there is tension between me and those close to me, I dream of peace. When I’m plagued by all my foolish choices, I dream of peace.  When I feel others’ judgment, I dream of peace.  When I worry about those I love, I dream of peace.

            When I was younger, I would dream of sitting by a lake to listen to the water lap up on the shore.  But, ironically, when I finally got there and though the atmosphere was peaceful, I found myself rehearsing all the things that made me feel stressful.  There was not really any way to drown out the inner turmoil. 

            Paul nails the greatest need of my heart.  It is to know peace with God.  Since Christ’s sacrifice on my behalf has made me right with God, I can immediately eradicate some of the most important reasons I fail to have peace. 

            My failures have been washed away by the blood of my Savior and He has put them behind His back, never to take them out again and say to me, viciously, “Remember what you did?”  I am forgiven and that brings peace.

            Condemning comments from others, even though spoken long ago, can ring in my ears.  I can be plagued by a sense of being flawed and inadequate.  But, I am accepted by God and feel the warmth of His favor on my shoulders.  That brings peace and silences my accusers.

            Fears that I rehearse, even in peaceful surroundings, can still threaten to undo me.  Perfect love, given to me by God, casts out fear as I rehearse His love letters full of promises.  The power of prayer is mine and that brings peace.

            If you find yourself wound up tight, stop, take a minute and exhale.  Be at rest.  Be at peace.  Breathe this prayer.  Strength will be yours for this day. 

Oh Father, I am loved by You and that love is never threatened!  I am forgiven for everything I’ve ever done and I’m free of Your condemnation!  I can cast away fear because You are in control of my life.  You turn all things for my good and I rest completely in Your sovereignty.  My circumstances can often be tumultuous but deep in my spirit, my heart abides in You.  The current of Your peace carries me through the storm.  How can I ever thank you!  Amen

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