Something Out Of Nothing


God gives life to the dead and calls into existence the things that do not exist. Romans 4:17b

Our God is so powerful.  Though our hands are often empty and we’re driven to despair, He can create something out of nothing.

When a woman has a knack for putting together a beautiful meal with just a few leftovers in the refrigerator, we say that she ‘whipped up a meal out of nothing.’  But she did have ingredients to work with.  Everything in her meal was in her refrigerator or cupboards.

A magician or illusionist gains fame by appearing to make something vanish, or make something appear where out of thin air.  But we all know it was an illusion.  He is not God.  He’s just gifted with trickery and sleight of hand.

God is described in scripture as one who makes roadways in the wilderness and streams in the desert.  He speaks, and things that did not exist at all, exist.  That’s my Father.  That’s my King.

Every child of God wants to know that a powerful God is aware of him.  He is!  Every person wants to be loved by someone they worship.  They are!  Every human being who has their back against the wall and is in serious trouble wants to know that God can deliver.  God can! With just a word, the earth shakes and things change.

Today, perhaps you’re out of hope.  You’ve tried everything you know to fix things and have finally exhausted all your options.  Giving up, you’ve declared the whole situation hopeless.  God can create options that are outside of your problem solving skills.  He can create hope where there is none.

What needs to exist today that doesn’t?  Perhaps the need is external.  Pray the Word of God and stand, in prayer, on His promises.  Maybe the need is internal.  Find scriptures which speak of your need and stand, in prayer, on God’s promises.  Be tenacious.  Man is into microwaving.  God is into marinating.  God wants to grow our faith as we come to the end of ourselves and finally learn how to trust His answers and His timing.  For many of who you have waited, in faith, with His Word on your tongue, perhaps today is the day of deliverance.

I review how You have worked in my life and give You glory.  Some of your answers were quick, others were so very slow, and through all of my waiting, you were faithful to help me rest on the cushions of grace.  Amen

One thought on “Something Out Of Nothing

  1. What a wonderful reminder of God’s promises. I am stepping out in faith heading back to school to finish my degree. As I read your post I am reminded that God will make a way in the wilderness. Even the wilderness of finances.

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