Origin Of A Song


My tongue will sing of your word, for all your commandments are right.   Psalm 119:172

It’s pretty hard to sing when your internal song is absent.  Take it from me; I did concerts this way for nearly a decade.  The light had gone out of my spirit; the song was absent.  Yet, I honored the engagements on my calendar and forced myself to sing and pretend that life was good.  This was no way to live or do ministry.

Sincere songs for God erupt from a heart that overflows with wonder and gratitude.  This child of God has found his center, his home.  Living in God’s presence and dwelling in the Word brings him the kind of joy that will never know a counterfeit.  No one can fake his light of glory.  The best of smiles will still be betrayed by hollow eyes.

What of the Christians who know the Word well but never speak it in a way that shapes their world?  Why don’t they use it to rule the garden God gave them?  I contend that the Word has not been personalized in a way that has set them on fire.  When God penetrates the darkness of a person’s soul with life-saving truth, it’s about impossible not to speak of it.  Speaking, singing, shouting, these are the hallmarks of a grateful recipient of grace.

Your Word is not just poetic jargon, it is dynamite and it moves mountains.  I know, it has changed some of the impossible in me.  I will sing of You till I die.  Amen

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