The Compatability of Love and Justice


Hear my voice according to your steadfast love; O LORD, according to your justice give me life.  Psalm 119:149

            Today’s scripture stretches me in every way.  I’m having a hard time getting my mind around it; so far is God’s character removed from human nature. The principle is that God’s love and God’s justice are completely compatible.  When a matter is decided using both criterion as a foundation for His decision, the result is harmony, not division. David asks to be heard.  “As much as you love me, God, hear me.”  David asks for a new infusion of life.  “As you are just and fair, give me life.” 

            I consider my own human nature.  When weighing options about what to do in a given situation, my love calls me to do one thing and my level head quite another. Love will often be soft but prudence requires taking a harder stand.  Love withholds what one deserves but justice demands sound judgment.  The split in my soul can be problematic when trying to navigate a problem within a relationship.

            I’m not sure what the application is to today’s scripture.  I’m uncomfortable not giving one but perhaps the point is to understand the truth of God’s nature and how He makes decisions regarding His children.  Having showcased it, God will help each of us make application as we meditate upon the wonder of it.  The question to ask ourselves is this ~ Am I in a difficult spot with someone?  If God were making the decision on how to proceed, how would love and justice shape His next movement in the relationship?   Both aspects of His character would carve out a plan.  Love would not act void of justice.  And, justice would not fall harshly without love in the equation. 

Every person is bent more toward one than the other so it’s critical to grow into the character of God in whatever ways we are deficient.  Much to think about and God will be faithful to enlighten each of us as we cry out for understanding. 

This is why I need You so badly to help me make every decision.  I am bent to act in ways that are only comfortable for me, Lord.  You are loving, and just.  How does that look for me today?  Please show me.  Amen 

One thought on “The Compatability of Love and Justice

  1. These particular thoughts have been rolling around in my spirit lately. I’ve been reading some of Tozer’s thoughts on “the Almighty” and trying to see the idea that God does not demonstrate justice – he IS justice, and mercy and love and……. and as much as I praise Him for being way beyond my understanding (who wants a god that fits my understanding?) I still am seeking the closeness that will lead to truly knowing Him.

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