Knowing My Pitfalls


I call to you; save me, that I may observe your testimonies.  Psalm 119:146

The most important prayer for any child of God to pray is not to be saved from their enemies, or their circumstances, but from the bent of their own flesh toward sin.  Though David asks repeatedly for God to spare his life and deliver him from the hand of those who would kill him, he puts as much emphasis on asking God to save his soul from temptation.

I am in great peril if I am not self-aware.  I must know myself through the mirror of the Word to know how I’m naturally bent to sin.  I will fail God differently than you might fail Him.  Our triggers are unique, carved out by the hurts of our lives and how they set us up to need things other than God.  How well am I acquainted with each of my broken areas so that I might know how to name my temptations in prayer?  My salvation depends on it.

Today stretches out in expanse before me.  I see how the day is laid out and know how I could deal poorly with part of it.  I anticipate interacting with a person or two who could set me up to feel things that aren’t good for my heart.  I pray that God will show me the ways I will need His saving hand ahead of time.  On guard, I walk into the coming hours.  Armed with prayers for salvation, I am cushioned by grace to help me in my time of need.  For each vulnerability, I find a WORD, plant it deeply in my spirit, and protect myself.  I can know the Word saves me from sin but only knowing this generic spiritual principle is not a safeguard.  God must unwrap it for me and help me customize it according to the story of my life.

Help me see myself right now.  How could I fall?  Why might I sin?  Where am I vulnerable?  Save me from myself, specifically.  Amen

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