The Best Way To Spend Freedom


Redeem me from man’s oppression, that I may keep your precepts.  Psalm 119:134

Each of us were created to be free in Christ.  The leadership we were made to experience was designed to resemble the kingly rule of Jesus; respectful, righteous, and life-giving.  When power is twisted in the hearts of men, oppression is the result.  Under such leadership, we strain to be free.  The yoke is not only heavy but it cuts into the fabric of our souls and leaves permanent scars.  Like the Israelites enslaved in Egypt, we spend our days laying bricks for someone else’s kingdom.  There is no regard for who we are, whether we might have dreams of our own, and what our physical and emotional limits might be.  A slave is a slave.

If I am hemmed in today, and if I dream of freedom, what will I do with it?

  • If I work in an oppressive atmosphere, I can long for a freedom that allows me to come and go as I wish, a freedom that allows me to institute changes that I perceive are good for the company.
  • If I exist in a marriage that is oppressive, I can long for a freedom that allows me to get outside the house, to spend money without scrutiny, to pursue a hobby or a job I’ve always dreamed of.
  • If I work in a ministry where leadership is controlling, I can long for a freedom to work without such tight accountability, to see appreciation for my labor, to enjoy a promotion that equals the skills and education I possess.

None of these are the reasons David longs to be freed from his oppressors.  He only wants his wings so that he may serve God without repercussions.  That is really a stunning revelation.  He gains his freedom only to bind himself to another master, God.  Could it be that David knows more than I do about the nature of God’s rule?  Anything other than obedience to God’s ways, even if I follow the ways of my free spirit, is bondage.  The words of Jesus sound in my heart.  “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Lord, I value my freedom and I spend it recklessly today to obey You.  You love me and only lead me in the paths of abundant life. I abdicate all my choices to Your instructions.  Amen

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