The Word and My Response


The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple.  Psalm 119:130

When the Word of God is spoken, the possibility for understanding and then transformation exists.  Whether or not that occurs in the life of a person is dependent on their response to the hearing of the Word.  Understanding what has been spoken depends on that person declaring themselves ‘simple’.

“Lord, I do not have any wisdom about my life apart from you.  I am a dark place without the light of your Word.  Teach me.” To this person, the Word comes as a sword and slices an opening in his soul where the shaft of light can penetrate.  When light touches darkness, darkness is challenged.  If the light is embraced, darkness will be transformed.  The heart will be washed with the water of the Word and new thinking and feeling will occur.  In a short time, behavior will change.

Take any disciple who has immersed themselves in the Word over a long period of time and they will tell you that they no longer think like the person who lived a decade ago.  They will, most likely, have a hard time remembering who they once were.  This is true of me.  The insecure and fearful woman of my thirties began to discover the life-shaping power of the Word of God and the light of God’s love touched my insecurity.  The strength of God’s character collided with my fear.  I began the journey of healing and am still discovering the cataclysmic effect of what happens when God’s Words unfold inside a simple woman.  Boldness has been the biggest change.

Light can be soft, enveloping me like a warm blanket.  It can also be blinding and convicting.  No matter how it comes, I must not run from it.  Defending myself and declaring that I have no need of it would be my demise.  Running away for fear of exposure is always my loss!

What Word do I need today?  Comfort, guidance, assurance of something?  My need exists because I’m aware of a dark place that is in desperate want of the Light.  Need takes me to Jesus’ feet.  Like Mary, I say “teach me”.  The simple student is usually the teacher’s favorite.  Whatever the Master says, the student soaks it in like a sponge.

When my heart faints because I have no plan to save myself, I come simply. Let the unfolding of Your Word bring light to my darkness. I live in hope of its instruction and life change.  Amen

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