God’s Mortgage Payment


Give your servant a pledge of good; let not the insolent oppress me.  Psalm 119:122

            Those who have engaged in military battles can tell you that victory was never sure.  In the middle of the war, no one could tell who the victor would be.  The prospect of winning or losing changed with the day.  Oftentimes, the war would turn just before the end and the underdog would win. 

            When we are engaged in personal battles, we can not see God’s sure deliverance either.  When harassed, and when I am living with my face pressed to the floor, it doesn’t seem possible that I will soar again.  Oppression is only oppression when one is pressed down.

            David asks God to make a pledge, a pledge for his blessing and well-being.  The word pledge has financial overtones to it as if David is asking God to sign a mortgage note on his behalf.  No matter what he needs, God is good to take care of him.  No matter how bleak the day, bleak because of those who plot against him, God’s pledge will be good for the ultimate outcome. 

            David asks for something that God already promises each of us.  Where a house payment is usually made once a month, God’s pledge is daily.  His resources are limitless and whatever I drew out yesterday to live on is full once again this morning.  If today holds seeming tragedy, it has already been turned for victory in the annals of heaven.  If I live by faith, hanging onto God’s promises with my fingernails, the angels and the saints who have gone on before me rejoice in my victory and praise God for His sustaining power. 

            A song I once recorded and loved to sing says, “God holds Himself responsible to meet my needs.”  I loved singing it then and barely understood the radical commitment it describes. As a prayer of thanksgiving, I offer you all the lyrics.  Blessings! 

My God, you are my Father

You hold yourself responsible to meet my needs

Please, now hear my cry

And help me to know why

Or to simply rest in you

Knowing that you do all things well.

My God, you are my Father

Your wisdom far exceeds my own, I know

Please, don’t let me forget

That I never will regret

Having placed my life

With all its strife in your hands.

My God, you are my Father

Your wisdom is far deeper than the ocean depths

I know that your way is best

So help me reject all the rest

And wait as you quietly make me like your Son.

One thought on “God’s Mortgage Payment

  1. I was just listening to this song the other day! Everytime this song comes on, I look up and tell the LORD, our song is on! It’s been OUR song since I was 17yrs old. It’s the song in my heart I sing almost daily. Every line, every word can bring comfort and calm in the mist of my storms.

    Thank You for your daily devotionals, they are full of blessings!

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