In the way of your testimonies I delight as much as in all riches.  Psalm 119:14

    I value what is useful to me.  A book of poetry, sitting on a shelf, even though it may be hard bound and ornate, will not be valuable to my everyday life.  However, a book that is dog-eared from use, highlighted and marked up from repeated readings, is invaluable.  Why?  I have taken its truths, lived by them, and found them to be golden. 

    Bibles sit on shelves, are taken down and read on holidays as if what was contained in the pages was nothing more than pieces of prose on onion skin paper.  It serves to make us feel better on Sundays and other special occasions but as far as daily life, it is not all that useful.  Is it our treasure?  No.  It looks as new as the day we bought it. 

    Add the lies of Satan in this mix and few of us will ever discover the golden value of the scriptures.  He has taught us to live by our own instincts rather than put all our trust on God’s opinions and instructions.  He did it in the garden of Eden and his tactics haven’t changed.  God’s Word (“Don’t eat of this tree or you will surely die!”) was a golden nugget.  However, Satan convinced Eve that she could eat of the tree and be as wise as God.  Ever since she indulged, we have been living our lives void of revelation, depending on our own study of good and evil.  We think highly of our judgment calls and fail to really believe that momentary revelation through the Word is the only way we were designed to live.  

    Many cobwebbed scenarios lay in front of me today.  Based on experience, I can believe that I have the wisdom to make good choices in all of them.  The only way I will come to treasure God’s Word is to see that living my own way is really rebellion.  I have to choose, daily, to put all my trust in God’s instruction.  Only when I put His Word into application will the value of it become evident.  

    If I should rise up to admit that God’s Word is not my supreme treasure, what should I do?  This may sound extreme and trust me when I say that I’m not writing any of the following for the sake of drama.  I’m dead serious.  I will get down, face to the floor, and pray the following ~

Most holy God, my desires are infected with sin and deception.  I don’t treasure what I should.  Your Word is not my greatest possession.  I think more of my own opinion than I do of Yours.  I confess my sin of pride.  Sin has veiled Your beauty.  Touch my eyes, remove the veil.  Touch my heart, purify my desires.  I want to treasure You and need Your help in making this my reality.  In Jesus name, Amen    

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