How can a young man keep his way pure?  By guarding it according to your Word.  Psalm 119:9

Because of my fallen nature, I am resistant to authority.  When a toddler understands the very first rule in his house, you can be sure he will resist.  It was within our nature to break rules.  One thing is certain, if we are allowed to break rules within our families, then when we grow up, we will break God’s rules too.  We will have little respect for authority and obedience.

Why is it so important that we teach our children to obey us?  And, obey the first time when spoken?  Because we are teaching them to hear a command, then say…”Yes!”  When they are made to respect our authority, we are setting them up to respond to God’s authority.  What is more important than raising young adults to hear God’s Word and say, “Yes” to every one of God’s commands.  Their default response will be to listen and obey.

What happens to a rebellious son or daughter, now grown, living the way they want?  They must be broken in order to submit and oh, the lessons are more severe as an adult.  If only it were as easy as a spanking or a time-out. Perhaps you have a grown son or daughter and they are living recklessly.  You may quote God’s Word but that word is met with a shrug of indifference.  His authority carries no weight.  They must reap painful consequences in order to finally listen.  But through each place of pain, God will continue to call them home.  He patiently teaches His children the blessing of obedience, and obedience the first time He tells us.

What is my response to God’s voice?  I read a portion of scripture this morning and in it, I discovered more about how to live a life that pleases God.  Did I strain against the word, or did I respond by aligning myself with His authority and instantly say, “Yes, Lord!”  Turning a deaf ear to His commands or rationalizing other choices entirely will take me down a dead end street.  Whenever and however He has broken my will, He has done the kindest thing possible.

If a ‘no’ resides in any part of me, I submit, Lord Jesus.  Amen

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