Get Up Close and You’re Changed!

God has always been an identity changer. One cannot be near someone like God and not come away different. The identity-changing nature of God has never been more evident than when He personally changed the names of people. Jacob, despite all his failures, received a new name.  Israel.  The name Jacob meant ‘supplanter….one who takes something by force through treachery.’ Fitting, since he tricked his brother and stole his blessing. But years later, Jacob wrestled with God to receive God’s blessing. Part of that was a re-naming.  God called him ‘Israel….one who perseveres with God.’

While God may not give new earthly names to every person, identities still change radically once we are adopted into His family. We are no longer aliens, but residents of heaven. God says that we’re no longer enemies, but friends. We are no longer cursed, but blessed, no longer lost, but saved, no longer rejected, but chosen. We are no longer unclean, but righteous.  The list could go on awhile.

Have we really embraced our new identities? It’s hard to digest that we are no longer who we were, especially if people around us treat us as if nothing has changed. Satan is also bent on reinforcing, through hurtful circumstances, that we are the same old sinner.

I can immerse myself in the wonder of a changed identity by spending more time with the Name-Changer.

Let me bask in the spiritual assurances of ownership that come from running home to You. Amen

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