Month: June 2018

King On The Hill

Haman added. "I'm the only person Queen Esther invited to accompany the king to the banquet she gave. And she has invited me along with the king tomorrow. 13 But all this gives me no satisfaction as long as I see that Jew Mordecai sitting … Continue reading King On The Hill

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Calling together his friends and Zeresh, his wife, Haman boasted to them about his vast wealth, his many sons, and all the ways the king had honored him and how he had elevated him above the other nobles and officials. Esther 5:11 Haman despised the … Continue reading Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

The Illusion

"If the king regards me with favor and if it pleases the king to grant my petition and fulfill my request, let the king and Haman come tomorrow to the banquet I will prepare for them. Then I will answer the king's question," Esther said. … Continue reading The Illusion

Evil Can Also Show Restraint

But when he saw Mordecai at the king's gate and observed that he neither rose nor showed fear in his presence, he was filled with rage against Mordecai. Nevertheless, Haman restrained himself and went home. Esther 5:9-10 God shows restraint in order to give us … Continue reading Evil Can Also Show Restraint

Like Custom Made Jewelry

"If it pleases the king," replied Esther, "let the king, together with Haman, come today to a banquet I have prepared for him." Esther 5:4 I’m sure Esther thought through how to word her invitation. She wouldn’t reveal why she wanted the king to attend, … Continue reading Like Custom Made Jewelry

A Different Kind Of King

Then the king asked, “What is it, Queen Esther? What is your request? Even up to half the kingdom, it will be given you.” Esther 5:3 I turned 64 this year. I can't believe it, really. I still feel like a young woman. I've got … Continue reading A Different Kind Of King

Does This Apply To Me?

"And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?" Esther 4:14 This verse is widely quoted but tends to be applied to anyone who suddenly finds himself in a great place of leadership, as did Esther. I … Continue reading Does This Apply To Me?

Let Him Grieve!

When Esther's maids and eunuchs came and told her about Mordecai, she was in great distress. She sent clothes for him to put on instead of his sackcloth, but he would not accept them. Esther 4:4 Mordecai was grieving. He wore sackcloth and ashes as … Continue reading Let Him Grieve!

Am I Loyal To a Righteous Cause?

When Mordecai learned of all that had been done, he tore his clothes, put on sackcloth and ashes, and went out into the city, wailing loudly and bitterly. Esther 4:1 Mordecai had already been in hot water when he refused to bow down to Haman. … Continue reading Am I Loyal To a Righteous Cause?

An Anesthetic For A Nagging Conscience

Spurred on by the king's command, the couriers went out to present the edict that had been issued in the citadel of Susa. The king and Haman sat down to celebrate but the city of Susa was bewildered. Esther 3:15 The king granted Haman the … Continue reading An Anesthetic For A Nagging Conscience