Christine is a recording artist; author, speaker, and host of the syndicated radio program Daughters of  Promise, heard on nearly 700 hundred stations.

She has been known for 38 years as a musician and writer with 15 albums and five books to her credit. (See below)  She has been nominated for a Dove Award and long admired for her ability to communicate to an audience. An artist with words, her poetic bent is evident in whatever she creates.

Her latest venture, Personalized Prayer Mapping,may well be her greatest challenge and lasting legacy. Through teaching others to harness the power of Scripture, she impacts their prayer lives, creating dynamic effects not only advancing God’s kingdom but creating street smart children of God regarding their enemy.

Christine’s passion for the transformation of women only grows with the years. She has been married for 42 years to Ron Wyrtzen. They have two adult children.  A son, Ryan.   A daughter ~ Jaime, her husband ~ Todd, and two grandsons, Gabriel and Andrew.

Her ministry is an outlet for her great spiritual passion.  While she lives much of her life contemplatively, she looks forward to the many days a month when her travels take her on the road.  She feels exhilarated when she watches a woman, or a group, come alive to the transforming love of Jesus in such a way that their childlikeness is recovered.  They learn what it really means to be a Christian woman, living life as a cherished daughter in the kingdom, re-parented by Father God.  Many women finally understand that they can be ‘who they would have been’ had they been raised in the Garden of Eden with God as their Father.

All of these themes will be evident as you see what her pen puts to paper.



Little Bit Of Sunshine

Have You Ever Said Thank You


Back Home

Christine’s Christmas

Simply Love

For Those Who Hurt

Critter County

Person To Person

Carry Me

My Best To You

Daughter Of Promise

Suspended In The Spirit

Alto Flute Christmas



Carry Me

Long Live The Child

Walking In Wide Places



  1. Wow to have found this! I’ve loved your music since I was in my 20’s (in the 80’s) and there are so many songs that I can just pray-sing. One of my favorites is “Beginning and End” and I wish I could hear the word clear in this part in the last few lines, “And I know faith, ???? faith” Please help me fill in the right words (I sing “A blend in” but I would like to know if that is right :-) I recently heard Betsy’s (Oris and I think related?) “A Barbie World” played on BBN (ok, a bit back about Jan 2018) and it spoke to my heart so. Your ‘Daughter’s of Promise” also speaks to me at this time in life. I’m thankful. If you can help me with the words above, I sure would appreciate it. I’m so thankful Heaven is ahead, my eternal home with Jesus!

  2. I was introduced to Christine’s music in my 20’s while living with a pastor in the 80’s and then listened to Bill Pearce from Moody Bible Institute play songs on “Nightsound’s. I have become less legalistic and more open to love and grace as the years rolled on. Now in my 50’s I still enjoy Christine’s music and words fill my soul with love for my Savior. I introduced my wife to Christine’s music and she too enjoys it. Our favorite song is “Precious.” I believe Christine has helped us keep our hearts soft and childlike toward eachother and the Lord, even after 30 years of marriage. I’m not sure if anyone can know the pain of being childless, but songs from a child of God like Christine, help make life a little easier. Thank you. We love you Christine.

  3. I was introduced to your music in the late 70’s as a bible college student in West Virginia and fell in love with your music. It has had a great and positive influence on my life. I met you for the only time in Philadelphia after a 76’s game aroung 1980-81. I was carrying my first son in my arms. I now have a grandson the same age and one on the way. My wife and I have been married since’79 and have 3 grown sons. I’ve lost touch with you a bit but just been busy with life. I am a faithful Christian still headed in the only direction which leads to life eternal, Jesus Christ. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for such a beautiful note — and stunning testimony of God’s faithfulness. You are still on the path and by God’s grace, we will both finish the race well. How well I remember that 76’ers game and how out of my element I felt. It was an unforgettable experience. Hey, thanks for re-connecting.

  4. I am very, very grateful for the influence you’ve had in my life. As a young girl, I was raised on Critter County (I’m 21 now, but listened to it constantly for much of my childhood). Even a few months ago, I found myself in the hospital, just like in the Fearigator. What an encouragement it was to lie in the hospital bed and remember those stories and Bible verse songs! I’m very happy I can finally thank you, but until we meet in heaven, I probably won’t be able to thank you enough for what a great influence you’ve been in my life and the life of others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    1. My daughter posted this on her FB page recently: “So I was having a really rough night. Like I was feeling really depressed and anxious. Then I for some reason decided to open the glove compartment that I haven’t used in YEARS and the CD player I haven’t used in nearly as long. I found critter county in there! That’s the tape I listened to probably hundreds of times as a kid. Mood turned completely around. Thankful for little pick me ups like this that come out of nowhere.”

  5. Chistine, your angelic singing and composition have been a blessing to me for 25 years.
    Your music helps me open up to the Holy Spirit of God.
    Thank you, for all you do in ministry.


  6. In the late 1970s I was a toddler taken by my parents to a Word of Life camp. The speaker of the day was a man named Jack Wyrtzen, and following the sermon I was hustled to the front so my family could speak to him. He was kind and funny and took the time to talk to me. At the end of our chat, he reached into his pocket, handed me a quarter, and patted my head and told me to buy an ice cream cone. My parents took me out that afternoon, and that’s exactly what I did with that quarter. Before leaving the camp, my parents also picked up the album “A Little Bit of Sunshine” by Jack’s daughter in law, Christine, and the record played on my childhood record player every day for almost a year solid. Then our family moved from my first childhood home, and through moves and packing, the record was either lost, broken or sold. I haven’t heard this record since the late 70s. I haven’t thought about it for years. But for some reason, today, in 2015, I woke up and clearly heard the flute and the harpsicord interlude for “Think on These Things” as if it were playing in the background. I could still remember every word, every nuance. And, thanks to the power of Google, I now locate the woman responsible for that tune. Thank you for starting my day off right. Glad to have re-discovered the song so I can now play it for my kids, in their childhood rooms.

  7. I am looking for a CD of Critter County and the lyris to the songs. Where can I find these for purchase. My kids loved these songs and would now like them for their children. HELP!

  8. I am not familiar with blogging but I hope this gets to you, Christine!
    You have no idea how your music has ministered to me and my family for YEARS!
    We were given a couple of cassettes…’For Those Who Hurt’ and ‘Simply Love’ when our Dad passed away. The tears still sting my eyes as I think of the songs on those cassettes and how precious they became to us in an immense time of healing! God used them in our lives in powerfully sweet ways. Now the days of being able to play cassettes are gone and we so desperately want to find those cassettes on CD. You see, we are there again and need to hear those healing songs of God’s faithfulness to us.. We also have a couple of dear friends dying of cancer who would so benefit from these peaceful listening reminders of God’s plan for our lives. PLEASE tell me there is a place to find these on CD!!! PLEASE!

  9. Christine I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your music that carried me through many difficult times in my life as a pre-teen, teenager, young mother and wife and well into my adult life. Your lyrics are both comforting and assuring and I learned of God’s love for me through your vocal ministry. If there was some way I could possibly get the music for “My Father’s Home” I would like to have it so that some day it will be sung at my funeral. I have promised myself for many many years that it will be sung at my funeral someday.

  10. I am also in agreement with Angela’s post on September 6th. I raised my children on Critter County and they dearly loved that cassette tape, and so did I! I also lost our tape along life’s journey and would love to get another copy. What a blessing the songs and verses were, and so easy to memorize! Thank you for your hard work and dedication that blessed mine and my children’s lives.
    Candy DeYoung

  11. Christine,

    I grew up listening to Critter County. I learned all of my favorite Bible verses and to this day, 25 years later, I still sing the songs! My 5 year old son just started Kindergarten and his first Bible verse he had to learn was “All have sinned…” I immediately started singing the ants song!! To my dismay, I lost my Critter County tape after getting married! I would love for my son to experience the amazing Biblical truths that Critter County taught me. I can’t find the tape/CD anywhere on Amazon or any of the Christian book stores! Do you know where I can purchase a new copy?

    Thank you for bringing God’s word to small children!


    1. Please do check back on our website and new Facebook page coming in the next few weeks. It is possible we may have news on Critter County and where it can be ordered. Please be in prayer for this as it has been ‘out of print.’ Soon though, maybe soon, it could be re-released.

      1. Fantastic news! I would love to purchase Critter County CDs/DVDs/MP3s/Books, etc. for the next generation! :) Would love more informaiton on this when it is available.

        1. I came here looking for Critter County too! My kids have an old cassette playing right now! I would love to purchase it for others.

      2. I’m also in support of a reprint. I too listened as a child and would love to have my son listen to it!
        Thanks for what you do!
        I also write songs to teach lessons. I am working on a musician blog post and one of the things they want to know is what has influenced my music. So I was thinking about it, and Critter County was one of the things that came to mind.
        John Stanford

  12. Christine,

    First off I am most definitely not a female which will probably mean I’m outnumbered here, but there is something I have to share with you. Almost 30 years ago you recorded “For Those Who Hurt” (by the way I still have the…RECORD, LOL) and you came and did a Fourth of July Concert in Elkhart, Indiana. I’ll spare you all of the details that led me to the Elkhart Baptist School that day in July, but I was sitting mid-stage when you began singing “Carry Me.” Up until that moment I had always LOVED that song, but I had been running, Christine. Running from God not to him, and I was at that concert because God said “Enough running, Son.” In the final stanza when the male voice came over the speakers, it was absolutely as if Jesus himself was talking to me. In my hurt I was crying uncontrollably, much as I am now, and a dear old lady sitting next to me quietly asked if I was okay. I responded through my tears, “not yet, but I will be.”

    Christine, I am now grown, have a wonderful wife of 16 years, a 14 year-old daughter who was just baptized a couple of weeks ago, and a nine year old son who still sees me through rose colored glasses (sometimes). My family loves the Lord, they love me, and I love them, but there are times that in my mind I still go back to that day some 30 years ago, and can still hear that voice say “I’ll carry you.”

    I look forward to meeting you in Heaven someday and tell you the whole story, because it really was a God thing.

    Thank you Christine, for that song, from the numerous untold lives like mine, that have been changed forever by it.

    God Bless You, Christine.

  13. Christine I just wanted to thank you for all the peace that your tape “For Those Who Hurt” gave to my mom in her final days. My mom past away 23 years ago on March 13 from cancer, and she listened to this tape daily. I now listen to it myself and remember how much peace it gave her. Your songs are so touching and the message they relay are so true and powerful! Thank you so much for the messages you have shared in your music and much more.


  14. 25 years ago a friend gave me a tape of “for those who hurt”. My mother had just passed away, I was losing the love of my life, I was in a new place half way across the country, with few friends and God was pursuing me. Everyone of those songs touched me and helped me through that awful year. Yet, through it I came to know and love God. I just celebrated my silver anniversary with Him on Jan.5. I still have that tape. I have not thought of it for years until today when I was looking for “Carry Me” on the internet. And I found you. Thought I would take a moment to say thank you for those songs. God used them to help me heal. May He continue to use you in a powerful way. God bless.

  15. Greetings Christine,

    I wanted to send you an email of thanks for your prayer mapping class you taught at The Salvation Army Camp this summer. I came up to you during our break time and shared with you the generational sins I saw in my family and you prayed with me. I remembered your face and the suprise you showed. WOW! God has done great things in the spirit. I misplaced the booklet, but praise God I found it. I am experiencing a freedom that I have never ever known in Christ Jesus. It is so liberating. Today I am back to your prayer mapping guide and avoiding the diving in of God’s word, asking God to prepare my heart as I read and meditate in His word. What a time we are in. Thank You and God Bless You!

  16. I read your “Pain is not the enemy” devotional again today. We often learn how the Lord must labor over us when we play the part of the father in the prodigals story. I have now played the part of the prodigal, the older son and the father! Agonizing over our children’s choices is torture. Praying our way through it is glorious fellowship with our merciful Savior!

  17. Tonight, in my audiophyle world, I revived an old cassette tape that I recorded of a concert that Christine performed at the Moody Bible Church for the Friday Night Sing that I attended. The concert was re-broadcast via the Moody Broadcasting Network which is when I recorded it. I have to say, that while listening to the tape I remembered every moment of the event. It really is interesting how something so distant, that was so important at that time in my life can suddenly become so real and important once again. I am fortunate to own one of her rarest albumbs “Christine, My Best To You” and have listened to it often. However it is that a Gay 55 year old man can be so touched by this lady of religion is interesting, but not unusual. Christine Wyrtzen has that ability to touch anyone, whatever their religion or persuasion and beyond. Thank You Christine for all that you are and all that you have given to ALL of us.

  18. Christine, Just wanted you to know that after 25 years in Christian Education, I still use your Critter County material because quality and truth are timeless. Glad to see you are still being used of God. Blessings on you and yours. KW

  19. I, Kathey, want this, more now than ever before, in my own life, and the life of those I know, and for this nation and other nations.

  20. I thank God for Christine & all those who work in this awesome vineyard for our Lord. Sincere and deepest sympathy during your time of grief. Know that many are praying for you everyday.

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