What God Pours Out

Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us.  Psalm 62:8 

How many people exist with whom you can speak freely – without a filter?  With whom can you pour out your heart and know that divine wisdom is hearing it, filtering it, and responding to it?  Precious few.  To speak freely is a gift rarely experienced.          

‘Pouring out’ in Hebrew means what it portrays.  To empty oneself of something.  I’ve been surprised just how often this phrase is used in scripture.  A dependent prayer is described as the ‘pouring out of one’s soul’.  God also says that ‘He pours out His wrath’.  That’s sobering.  And how about this?  God says that He will ‘pour out His Spirit on the house of David’ and they will finally be able to see ‘whom they have pierced and weep bitterly.’  Zech 12:10

There are times I pour out my heart to a few trusted friends.  I must ask myself if I feel that freely with God.  Do I feel I have to weigh my words with Him and phrase everything just right?  Do I sit on my anger and try to pretend I don’t have any?  Is prayer a time when I can truly empty the contents of my soul and know I have placed my heart in safe hands?  God extends this kind of freedom to me and I’m held safely in perfect Love.

I am riveted on the beauty of two things; 1.) Lifting my heart to God, tipping it, and pouring out the contents.  2) Envisioning the effects of Him pouring out His Spirit upon me. 

Both are beautiful.  While I would certainly feel better having poured out my soul, the benefits would be miniscule in comparison to what would happen if God poured out the power of His Spirit on me.  Nothing in my world would stay the same.

With confidence, and without restraint, I pour out my heart to You.  Pour out Your Spirit upon me to raise me up to wholeness.  Amen

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