When Our Loved One Is Up Against a Wall

The LORD foils the plans of the nations; he thwarts the purposes of the peoples.  Psalm 33:10

Walls keep enemies on the outside, but they can also keep someone who wishes to be free on the inside.  Ask the Chinese, the North Koreans, and those who once lived behind the Berlin wall.

God often builds walls to thwart the path of a wayward child.  Though that is comforting when it’s a prodigal we love, it is difficult to watch them struggle as they beat their fists against the wall. None of their plans come together. What has worked for others doesn’t work for them.  They apply for jobs but never hear back. They save money to fund their dreams but unexpected expenses keep draining their resources.

And here’s where it affects us.  We say to them, “Turn to God. Only He can turn your life around.” But God is not a cosmic genie – there to facilitate a prosperity that is all about them and not about Him.  Telling them to pray and ask for what they want doesn’t address the fact that they want everything but God.  If God gave them what they asked for, their new idols would glitter and deter them even longer from recognizing their true spiritual needs.    

When we watch someone get hemmed in by God, we can do 3 things.

1.) We need to have a conversation with the one who is stuck and precede it with a lot of prayer. They need to know that God is thwarting their path out of love.

2.) We need to stop trying to help them problem solve to get what they want.  We are getting in the way of what God is trying to do.  

3.) We need to ask God to bring them to a place of submission.

Lord, I am putting on my armor to get engaged.  I will be Your prophet and their intercessor.  Amen

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