When I Say I But Don’t Mean It

I know, O Lord, that your rules are righteous, and that in faithfulness you have afflicted me.  Psalm 119:75

There are degrees of Christian maturity.  It’s one thing to look back at my affliction and say, “I sure couldn’t see it at the time but in the end, affliction was a good thing.  I learned so much.” It’s quite another to be in the middle of crushing circumstances and say, “I know that this affliction is wrapped in Your faithfulness, Lord.”

The Psalms are mostly made up of laments and praise.  The laments are weighty and honest.  The praises are statements of faith made by those who wait for their deliverance.  Each man ascribes God faithful and good even though he’s waiting to see it and feel it.

What about the things in my life that just seem way too heavy?  It may feel like they’re slowly destroying me.  Can I acknowledge that God is sovereign, that he has the enemy on a short leash, that these trials have been allowed because of God’s faithfulness towards me?  The only way such an admission makes its way from my heart to my lips is by faith, a faith given by grace. I don’t have to feel it to know it’s true.  My emotions don’t always match my theology.

It’s good to know that when adrift on a sea of despair.  Just as I presently look back on hard times and see the hand of God, I will one day look back on any present afflictions and see the same.

Faith tests seem to get harder the longer I walk with You.  Nothing is hard for You, Lord and at every place I need You, You have what I need.  Amen“I know that this affliction is wrapped in Your faithfulness, Lord.”

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