New Names and Better Understanding

There is none like you, O LORD; you are great, and your name is great in might.  Jeremiah 10:6

Names for God before the birth of Jesus befitted an all-knowing and all-powerful God.  He was called the God Who Sees, The God Who Is My Banner, The God Who Hears, and others.  These were enough to give His people comfort and strength. 

With the birth of Jesus, however, came a new kind of understanding.  Knowledge of God increased from the new names His Son was given.  Immediately after Jesus’ birth, the shepherds were told He was Savior and Emmanuel.  As He grew, Jesus revealed Himself as the Bread of Life, the Shepherd, the Son of God, the Vine, the Lamb of God, the Lord of Glory, the Last Adam, and the Precious Cornerstone.  Each one gave believers new glimpses into the complex and unfathomable depths of God.  They experienced Him through His names because there was a new dynamic in their relationship.  Intimacy.

The names of God that are the most precious to me are those I’ve had to embrace out of great need.  I’ve grown into them experientially.  There are still many I know in my head, but I am not fluent in them yet.  They are not as lifesaving to me because I’ve not needed them as I’ve needed others.  God is most valued in the ways I’ve needed Him most.  Spiritual need is always the doorway to spiritual understanding.  Denying my need robs me of everything good.

Jesus came and shook up the way people related to God.  An encounter with the God-Man never left one neutral.  There was a repelling or an attraction, an appetite, or a repulsion.  For each who embraced Him, stunning revelations ensued.  The names of God, old and new, had a deeper impact and influence over their lives. 

On my next quiet journal day, I’ve decided that I am going to make a list of God’s names, and after the few I love the most, I’ll jot down the memories associated with them.

Before life is over, I want to know You within the context of all Your names.  Amen

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