Dazed By God’s Glory

And an angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them.  Luke 2:9

Oh, to be chosen to witness the glory of God being made manifest all around me.  The shepherds didn’t ask to see it, didn’t try to earn it, and surely didn’t expect it.  The unmerited favor of God intersected their personal history and brought an experience the likes of which they would never forget.  Nothing in the future would eclipse the memory of that night when the heavens opened up.  The veil that limited their spiritual eyesight was temporarily lifted.

Are such defining moments possible today for the one who loves God?  Yes. There are moments that become mountaintops; encounters that become a Bethel.  Don’t settle for monotony.  Don’t live on yesterday’s manna.  Seek, listen, pursue God relentlessly and the glory of the Lord will be near to you at an unsuspecting time. An ordinary day will be turned upside down as the eternal penetrates the temporal.  God’s glory will so fill your field of vision that earth’s trinkets will no longer dazzle the eyes.

Those around you may not see the holy moments but you will.  You’ll take your shoes off even as you remember it.  In the afterglow, you will live dazed.  You will tremble in the distraction of such a memory.  Such is the condition of one who has seen God pass by.

I want to commune with you in a place that doesn’t need words.  Amen


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