Shared Spiritual Impact

Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, was one of these men who heard what John said and then followed Jesus. Andrew went to find his brother, Simon, and told him, “We have found the Messiah” (which means “Christ”). John 1:40-41

There are days when your life is turned upside down by unexpected news, or by an encounter with a person, or because of an experience you had with God.  When you attempt to share it with other people, the impact is usually far less on them than it was for you.  If it’s your good news, it’s not the same good news to them.   If it’s yourbad news, the ramifications aren’t felt as deeply by them as they are felt by you.  There can be few things more frustrating than to share something which sets your heart on fire to only get back polite responses.  Anything second hand loses some intensity. 

Oh, but there are exceptions!  Never in a million years did Andrew expect to meet the Messiah, the very one that his people had been waiting for – for thousands of years.  Yet, he did.  Having been briefly in Jesus’ presence, he felt the divine impact.  It was like lightening.  Breathless, he ran to find Peter to share the news.  It’s quite astounding to realize that Peter got up immediately and ran back with Andrew to see Jesus for himself.  His life was also forever changed and this became the brothers’ shared experience.

Those who love you, the ones who know you best, will be able to see into your heart to sense how your whole being has changed.  Those you know Jesus well will be able to see into your spirit to sense how He’s turned everything upside down.  For every intimate companion that graces your path, thank God for His incredible gift of them.  

Perhaps this kind of fellowship should be the litmus test for where we worship and with whom we study the Word together. We should dwell with a lively congregation of worshippers. But Spirit partners can often be family members.  That’s ideal!  For brothers, Simon and Andrew, life will take them on a journey where they’ll walk in Jesus’ footsteps.  First, they’ll travel together as disciples of the Savior.  Then, on different continents as ambassadors and, eventually, martyrs.   

My impact is in Your hands as you take me to those whose ears are open to the difference You have made in my life. Let them see and hear what can be so hard to express.  Amen

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