Has God Let You See It?

By faith Joseph, as he was nearing the end of his life, mentioned the exodus of the Israelites and gave instructions concerning his bones.  Hebrews 11:22

Joseph never forgot the stories of his great grandfather.  They had been passed down to him while sitting at the feet of his father, Jacob.  Though Joseph was rejected by his brothers and sent into slavery, and then lived most of his life in Egypt, he wasn’t fooled about God’s promise concerning the promised land.  When his people came to Egypt and enjoying a period prosperity and then unbearable suffering, he never thought this would be their permanent home.  He could foresee the exodus of his people years down the road even though he did not know the details.  He knew they were headed for the land God had shown Abraham.

Joseph envisioned it and that is impressive enough but then he put legs to his faith through the plans he put into motions regarding his own death and burial.  He made no ‘just in case’ caveats that went like this ~ “I’d like to be buried with my people if they leave his place but if they don’t, here’s what I want done with my bones in Egypt.”  No, he just made plans ~ so sure was he of the exodus ~ so sure was he of the word of his God. This is one of the reasons he makes it into the hall of faith.

When I begin to distrust God’s promises, I will jump to make alternate plans in case God doesn’t come through.  I conceive an Ishmael instead of waiting for Isaac.  Joseph had reasons to wonder if God had changed his mind about the destiny of His people; the drought that nearly killed his clan, their migration to Egypt, and their prosperity since they integrated into Egyptian culture.  Yet Joseph wasn’t fooled.

Once God has made His will for me clear, I should never have a backup plan just in case.  How suspicious is that!  Either I trust or I don’t.  Either God is faithful or He is not.  In 2021, despite COVID, despite earth shaking changes to life, I still anticipate God’s open doors.

Lord, nothing will deter my footsteps.

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