Revisiting The Breaking Of My Faith

He restores my soul.  Psalm 23:3

This morning, I thought ~ “I did really well coping with this last week but I don’t know what happened.  I’ve hit a wall with my faith!”  What I’m wishing for is that the state of my faith from last week could be restored.

The basic word for ‘restore’ means to move something back to the place of departure. The tender Shepherd restores my soul if I pay attention to my heart and address my faith before it completely unravels.  I must go to green pastures and still water to ask Jesus what’s wrong.  Something sure changed and oftentimes I don’t even know what.  He does though. 

Sometimes just being quiet in prayer will allow me to hear the Holy Spirit’s voice for the answer.  “This is the place where you stopped believing me,” He says.  The lie is revealed and I can deal with my unbelief.  Most of the time though, I must spend time interacting with scripture until I find the conflict.  I come across a verse that rubs against the grain of my feelings.  I know it’s true but I feel like it’s not true.  This is a sure sign of faith’s fracture. 

A more serious condition can also be exposed.  I can read scripture and admit, “I don’t feel this is true and I don’t believe this is true.”  At that point, I don’t need restoration, I need spiritual growth.  Jesus must take me to brand new pastures.  The manna will feel foreign but wonderful on my tongue.

Today is a restoration-day for me.  I’ve carved out some time for God to restore my faith about a certain situation in my life.  Confidence in His assurances have begun to deteriorate. I can’t live without joy and confidence in my Shepherd.  As I dive into the deep waters of the Spirit for restoration, I am praying for you too.  Doubt melts away, for each of us, in the embrace of the Restorer. 

You mend every broken soul who comes to You. Amen

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