The Best Promise Of All

A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit.  Isaiah 11:1

God is the Savior of any who want Him, of any to whom He grants the power to believe.  It may be a Rabbi of a rural town in Israel.  It may be an Imam in Pakistan.  It may be a Chinese government official who, at this very moment, arrests pastors in his village.  And it may be young people who, at this moment, are so infected with the darkness of our age that their spiritual condition appears hopeless.

God’s plan to be the God of all peoples prevails.  My heart must adjust accordingly – humbly – to rejoice in such unbiased love.  And my heart must hope in a God powerful enough to touch the one I consider most unlikely to believe ~ especially in these desperate times of a global pandemic when people’s ears are more likely to turn God-ward.  Wherever there is a seeking soul, God listens.  God saves.  Wherever there is a cry for help, God is not biased in who He answers.  God is aroused to answer.

Is my Gospel inclusive? It is easy to be standoffish with those I don’t understand, with those whose culture is so unlike my own.  I am repelled by their violence, their practices, and shake my head in disbelief when I see their stories portrayed in the media.  They are so far from God and the gap seems insurmountable.  Yet, God is revealing Himself to a modern-day Saul, to those who kill Christians and to those whose passion is to destroy every vestige of Christianity.  He appears to them in dreams, in visions, and they wake up exclaiming, “Lord Jesus!”  Do I rejoice over such stories?

The pandemic is global but so is God’s love.  And so is the Gospel.  If my heart beats like God’s heart, my passion for the nations will be tearful and earnest.

Give me global eyes and a global heart.  Amen

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