Going Back Home

They will come trembling like birds from Egypt, and like doves from the land of Assyria; and I will settle them in their houses, declares the Lord.  Hosea 11:11

Earlier in Hosea, God calls His children silly doves.  They fail to know where there true home is.  “There will come a day,” God foretells, “when they will come trembling again to their houses.”  “Trembling” means to “flutter with haste”.  As you read this, perhaps you can visualize a group of birds fluttering excitedly around a location.  That characterizes the excitement level of God’s family as He offers them a pilgrimage back to their roots.

A woman ceases to make God her home when she no longer believes He can offer her what she needs.  The promise of the abundant life no longer appears to be abundant.  There can be many reasons for this.

1.) She has experienced too much pain in this world and God is blamed for it.  She runs from the One she believes is responsible instead of understanding that He is her healing.

2.) There has been no instruction on how to make God her home so she sojourns in distant lands, looking for anyone who will offer her temporary shelter.

3.) Satan has taken advantage of her in her time of vulnerability and offered her some counterfeit ways out of distress.  Whatever the reason, leaving home is rarely a short trip.  It can often span the first half of someone’s lifetime.

There comes a day when God begins to clarify.  The fog of misunderstanding of who He is begins to clear and a woman shakes her head and realizes her folly.  God’s true character materializes in full-blown pictures in her spirit.  Hunger for His presence is awakened.  She prepares for her trip back home, back to her roots.  “Before the foundation of the world, I knew you.”  Ah yes, she remembers the verse now.  She realizes that the only place she can find the person, the Love, she’s been looking for is at home with God.  She comes trembling, with awe and excitement, to the land that has always been hers.  She comes to claim it with joy.  The theme of her life is finally summed up in one phrase ~ LOST LOVE FOUND.

Home is sweetest to the one who has been homeless.  Seeing the lights of home makes her hasten her steps.  Walking over the threshold brings waves of contentment.  It’s home.  Everything is just like she needs it to be.  Never is she more at peace than when resting with God.  Any who loses her life in Him will find it.

It took me over forty years to find my home in You.  I lived many places, emotionally, even though I called You, “Father.”  I’ve never gotten used to the wonder of living with You.  With time, ‘home’ means more, not less.  Thank you. Amen

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One thought on “Going Back Home

  1. I couldn’t sleep tonight with so much on my mind about my family. My son who is smart but hasn’t been trying in school. He hasn’t been turning in his homework. I really wanted to see him go to Word of Life next fall. At first he was interested, and now he’s not. I thought it would be so good for him to go and see where God would lead him for the future. My daughter who just got married. She suffers from clinical depression and a devouring desire to buy clothes. The credit card bills she is running up for her new husband, it’s not good. He loves her dearly. Then he says at times she will cry and say she wants to go home, but she doesn’t want to leave him. I pray for guidance. Then I saw your blog. The Lord is using you to speak to me. I really need it tonight. My heart aches. It’s in Gods hands. For some reason your name came to my mind tonight. I googled you. Your words spoke to me. Thank you.

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