The God Of The Small

A bruised reed he will not break, and a faintly burning wick he will not quench.  Isaiah 42:3-4
 The commander of an army keeps his eye on his strongest warriors. He values those who can go the distance to achieve victory. They are his greatest assets. While casualties are certainly lamented, the weakest are an afterthought.
Not so with God. He dispenses special graces to those who are bruised and ready to break. He infuses life into those whose light is faint and the fear of being extinguished overtakes them. He does not fear that they will be lost because He never takes His eyes off of them. He knows how small their faith is. He sees that hope has become, for them, a distant memory. He knows that His words are just not familiar enough yet to have formed an anchor in their souls.
God has not forgotten them. He has always been a defender of the weak; a refuge for the needy, a protector of the frail. The greater their need, the greater their deliverance and the greater the glory of the Father.
There is something unique to each of us which could potentially threaten our strength. It’s not usually circumstances that break me, but rather, how I interpret the circumstances. God watches it all. He views the events, externally, from every possible angle. He views how I’m coping, internally, and can predict how I’ll process the events. He knows what conclusions I’ll make, the judgements which will be rendered about myself, other people, about life, and most importantly, about Him. Some will be good but many will not. It is the lies and faulty conclusions which will further breed frailty.
God knows each small pathway, every detour, that has taken me from a position of strength to that which resembles a flickering flame. His arrival to save is never late. He is a compassionate counselor who comes along to speak courage in a way my soul understands. He strengthens with a word, a song, a picture, a dream, a memory, a confirmation; such simple things which have great power to resurrect what appears to be dying. Only He can customize a language of encouragement made for my ears. Whatever He communicates, even if just a single word, is a life preserver which pulls me into the land of the living.
My encouragement for today is a review of the many times I knew I’d break in two, but I didn’t, and it’s only explainable because of what You did to my heart. Thank you. Amen

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