He Won’t Share These!

Hallelujah! Salvation and glory and power belong to our God. Revelation 19:1

God is jealous for His own glory and won’t share it with anyone. It’s not because He’s stingy, nor is He a narcissist, but it’s because we were created to worship, not to be worshiped. We corrupt His plan, just like Adam and Eve did, when we maneuver to become the center of our world.

Three things belong exclusively to God – according to this verse from Revelation. Salvation, glory, and power. And sadly, these are the very three things I often steal for myself.

  • SALVATION: My lack of self-worth and significance make me desire the attention I’d get if I saved the day. I desire to be someone’s best friend, or their best advisor, or the one who ultimately intervenes to make a huge difference. A ‘savior’ is how I want them to think of me but I only provide a temporary life raft on their ocean of need. Only God makes the permanent rescue. I should be carrying them to the Savior, not trying to be one.
  • POWER: Satan would love for me to believe that my enemy is helplessness. It’s terrifying, wouldn’t you agree? It takes a lot to abdicate control. Until it happens, I exert personal power and ingenuity to solve my problems. Pride is insulted when I realize that I can do absolutely nothing to save myself. God has all the power and He offers it against the backdrop of my admissions of need.
  • GLORY: If I’m set on saving others and wielding personal power to solve life’s problems, I put myself at the center of my life. Glory is mine and Satan makes sure I enjoy the ride.  But I will eventually live long enough to encounter  situations I can’t control, people I can’t change, money I can’t acquire, poor health I can’t cure. I am rendered childlike. It is then than I am free to see God’s glory and my small-ness.

If I could encourage you to do one thing today, it would be to yield control of your life.  Jesus is the Savior and is willing to save. He is all powerful and is willing to exert it in my impossible situations.  Jesus is glorious and is kind enough to often let me see glimpses of it.  Need and my helplessness are really my friends.

To You, Lord, belong all glory, power, and salvation. Come today to all my ragged places. Amen

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