Prayer For A Loved One’s Salvation

September 12, 2019

For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return there without watering the earth, and making it bear and sprout, so shall My Word be which goes forth from My mouth.  It shall not return to Me empty without accomplishing what I desire, and without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.  Isaiah 55:10-11 

Empty (tohu) – chaotic, state of confusion, formlessness


Lord God, I pray for the fulfillment of Your promises.  Many words of faith have been proclaimed.  Many words of salvation have been uttered into the darkness.  Many scriptures have been whispered in tearful prayers.  They still beg for a harvest.  The words left the mouth of this servant and went into a chaotic and confused heart.  Accomplish what it was sent out to do.

You have called me to love.  You have called me to plead for the unbelieving and that is a holy thing.  You have risen up in me to send Your Word forth to what looked hopeless.  I have done it by faith.  I know the power of Your words.  When watered by Your Spirit, heaven’s seeds bear fruit on foreign soil.  Infuse this hope into my discouragement today.  Someone I love is still resistant to change.  They shun any mention of You.  The Word has fallen into their darkness and I see no trace of it.  Do not let them run toward their own destruction.  Cure their spiritual blindness.  Cause the breath of Your Spirit to blow over the carnage of their lives so that they can hear, understand, and then rise up to stand on their feet.  I smell spiritual death but I say, by faith, “Prepare to hear the Word of the Lord.” 

With these scriptures, enforce the victory of Calvary over the mind and heart of my unbelieving loved one.  God, when You shed light, no darkness can overcome it.  When You speak, no other voice nullifies it.    “For God, who said, “Light shall shine out of darkness,” is the One who has shone in our hearts to give the Light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ.”  2 Cor. 4:6   As Elisha prayed, I also pray, “O LORD, I pray, open his eyes that he may see.  And the LORD opened the servant’s eyes and he saw; and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.”  2 Kings 6:17

Today is the day of salvation.  Seal the process of their spiritual decision making by the power of Your Spirit.  May it be that “The eyes of the blind will be opened and the ears of the deaf will be unstopped.” Isaiah 35:5 In Jesus’ name, Amen

Prayer For One Who Lives With Criticism

September 11, 2019

Be gracious to me, O Lord! See my affliction from those who hate me, O you who lift me up from the gates of death, that I may recount all your praises.  Psalm 9:13-14

Recount (tanah) ~ to commemorate, rehearse


It is lonely to walk in Your footprints, Jesus.  In these days, not only am I despised by unbelievers but those who call themselves Your children.  My pride is easily wounded and I forget that the friction I feel is a holy one.  Why am I feeling shame?  This is the cross I promised to carry when I became Your disciple.

It is not Your intent that I should be weighed down by other’s rejection.  It is not Your desire that I be crippled by their criticism, though it is hard to hold my head up in the company of those who censure nearly everything I do.  They take issue with most of my words.

I realize that this is not about me at all.  It is about You and the way I will teach others how to thrive in Your love amidst condemnation.  I will be energized to recount how You care for me; how You lift me up when I am cast down.  You modeled this journey.  You lived amongst enemies and forgave them even though they didn’t ask for it.  You didn’t retreat and hide from their anger.  You didn’t choose silence because You feared the repercussions of opening Your mouth.  You spoke when it glorified Your Father and You withheld language when it glorified your Father.  Shame and fear didn’t dictate Your strategy.

Let me learn what I need to learn in this school of contempt.  Pride and ego are not mine to manage.  You hold my heart in Your hands.  I am secure in Your love and held high in Your esteem.  For every note of sarcasm directed at me, You are rejoicing over me with singing.  Your songs resurrect me from condemnation and I will rise to praise You. I will rehearse the promises You give me in the dark so that others may see Your light.

Through this crucible, You are fashioning me into a dazzling witness of grace.  The more I am oppressed, the more I will discover that I am the apple of Your eye and the greater will be my testimony.  I am tall and robust in Your light.  In Jesus’ name, Amen

Prayer To Discern What Is Hidden

September 10, 2019

Let my cry come before you, O Lord; give me understanding according to your word!  Let my plea come before you; deliver me according to your word.  Psalm 119:169-170

‘Give me understanding’ ~ to finally realize, have skill with concepts, perceive with accuracy.


​I have a huge decision to make, Lord.  I know in my spirit that something is wrong with a certain situation, Lord.  I have no peace in my spirit.  The weight of indecision is crushing me.  When I think about it, I can find what appears to be righteous but is it all a smokescreen?  Is it really of Your kingdom or is it all unrighteousness?  I know that the evil one is good at masking what is unholy. My discernment can be skewed.  May it not be!

​God, I cry out for understanding.  I need to come to a divine realization about what is really happening.  I need to be skillful with the concepts of the kingdom in order to diagnose it correctly.  I need to perceive what is in front of my eyes with Your wisdom.  Help me see behind all the posturing and pretension.

​I am grateful beyond words that my cries are not made in vain.  They do not dissipate into thin air.  They come directly to You and You listen compassionately.  You are vested in every care that concerns me.  You love the prayers of Your children.  You take pleasure in answering and giving wisdom to those who seek it.  I am the seeker today.  I am the one pleading for deliverance from what is elusive and obscure.

​Let the truth come forth as arrows coming to my heart.  Let me rejoice in the relief that truth brings.  Melt away the stress of indecision.  Put an end to the wrestling that has plagued me day and night.  Bring deliverance and then give me the courage to act on whatever truth You reveal.  I am bold because I stand as one loved, and as one holy, in Your presence. All because of Jesus.

Let my soul live and praise You, and let Your rules help me.  Psalm 119:175   In Jesus name, Amen

Prayer For Marriage Renewal

September 9, 2019

Our fathers trusted in, leaned on, and confidently relied on You, and were not ashamed or confounded or disappointed.  Psalm 22:5

Lord, let long forgotten vows make their way to my lips.  Let me declare what I have not spoken for a long time.  Let the deadly routine of what has become comfortable be shaken.  Just as you make me holy, make this relationship holy.  I am a lover, not a frozen companion.  I am a receiver, not a resistant abstainer.

There is no breech that You cannot mend.  There is no unspeakable topic that You cannot facilitate.  There is no fear that You cannot annihilate.  I lay out my heart before You.  Though I tremble, nothing is off limits to Your probing of my heart.  Bring to mind every single place that needs grace. I will tread upon that which I’d rather forget because Your love makes me strong.

If I declare my love and affectionate words are not returned, I forgive in advance.  If my heart courageously opens and another heart remains closed, I know that You hold my heart in Your hands.  If I broach a difficult subject and there is no closure, I know that You will reward my obedience.  I will give grace where it is not deserved and I will ask for grace where it is not merited.  No matter the outcome, Your grace is enough.  I feel like a small child as I confront my fear but I am tall, graceful, fluent, and agile in Your kingdom.  Imprint this picture on my soul.

I want to finish well.  Marriage is a picture of Your love for Your church. You rejoice when my marriage looks like the marriage You envisioned in the Garden.  Bless my endeavors.  How it needs the wind of Your Spirit.  I can see every way this undertaking might fail but help me see that if I do my part, my obedience will be credited as righteousness.  In Your eyes, there will have been spiritual success.

Lord, if You come today, I won’t want anything to exist that I regret. I take hold of the hem of Your garment, Your tallit, and ask for an infusion of Your strength.  No ground is more intimidating than this but ~ You, Lord, are the strength of my life.  Of whom shall I be afraid?  Psalm 27:1 In Your name I pray these things, Amen

Prayer For Spiritual Saavy

September 6, 2019

Blessed be the Lord, my Rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle.  Psalm 144:1

Trains ~ Perceives by sight or some other sense.  Distinguishes and discriminates.


PRAYER:  Teach me how to fight my enemy like You did, Jesus.  He comes at me like he came at you; quoting scripture, presenting spiritual arguments in such a persuasive way that it’s hard to discern if what I’m hearing is a God-breathed idea.  But You knew the difference when You were in the desert and You will train me to develop my spiritual senses, too.

Many decisions lay in front of me.  How do I know Your plans for me?  My enemy mimics Your voice and wants to lead me to do something spiritual at the wrong time.  The consequences are too great if I am a novice.

He told You to turn stones to bread when You were hungry.  It wasn’t an evil idea Lord, because You did it later with the loaves and fishes.  The miracle in the desert would have just been premature but how did You know?   Was it because He promised You a way out of pain before it was time?

Today, I am asking You to teach me, train me, make me sharp and discerning.  You promised You would when You sent Your Spirit to live inside Your children.  “He will become your teacher and guide,” You said.   How I need You.  Satan would have me move when I should be still, speak when I should hold my tongue, overextend myself when I should simplify, feel guilty when I should celebrate Your forgiveness, and even bring an end to something holy when it’s nearly time for advancement.

Speak Your Word into my spirit.  Speak loudly and clearly.  You promised that Your sheep would know Your voice.  So, let me know without a doubt that it’s You and not him.  Or, let me know that it’s him and not You.  Give me the precise Word to speak to overcome the voice of the tempter and liar.  Make me skilled and seasoned with the Sword for a battle that I cannot see.  All for Your honor and glory.  In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen