Daughters of Promise

They clothed in a purple robe.  John 19:2

The soldiers put a mock robe over the shoulders of Jesus.  It was even the right color, but how different it will be from the one Jesus will wear someday.  “On His robe…He will have the name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.”  Rev. 19:16

The Roman solders dressed Him in the first robe but God will adorn Him with the last.  Derision accompanied the Roman robe but honor will accompany the second when God outfits His Son in glory.

Whom we allow to dress us makes all the difference.  Whose robe am I wearing? I am dressed in something and there are plenty of choices available.  They’re pleasing to the eye and tailor-made to fit me perfectly.  Though they feel right around my shoulders, it takes a while for me to understand that I’m wearing a counterfeit. Recognition and honor feel good.  They ought to, for God has promised both to His children.  But as soon as I seek them from sources other than my Creator, I sign myself up for a dose of disillusionment.  Because the world’s robe may look right, it takes a while to discover that it’s the wrong cloak.  I realize that I bought into a fickle system of recognition and rewards.

Nothing can rival being chosen by God.  To know that He sees me and wants me is a truth so beautiful that it takes a lifetime to internalize it.  He crowns me with honor, with loving-kindness, and with tender mercy.  Though I was previously an orphan, dressed in Satan’s robes of shame, God adopted me into Jesus’ royal family.  When God put Jesus’ robe of righteousness around my shoulders, it was permanent.

Dressed in our robes of righteousness, we will bow down to you, Jesus, robed in glory.  Amen

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