Great peace have those who love your law, nothing can make them stumble.  Psalm 119:165

One of the reasons I love God’s law is because of what it affords the one who lives by it.  It is a secure fortress, a cradle upon which the child of God can rest.  Because God’s law is timeless, true, and the last Word of the universe, it is the ultimate unshakeable authority for any who needs a safe place to dwell.

fortress-walls-towers-hillLet a man or woman live long enough and they will face a dilemma that requires accurate, deliberate action on their part.  The next steps they take are critical and the ramifications of their choices are far-reaching.  Knowing the stakes are high, and understanding how complicated the issues are, they seek advice from wise people.  Each offers a different approach causing rising concern that the perfect answer will be found.  The deadline for action approaches and the confusion escalates.  At the last moment, they stumble upon the answer from a reliable source.  The answer is clear, given in three easy steps, and is so obviously right that for the first time in a long time, they have peace in their soul.

Such is the case for the child of God.  I am presented with dozens of life situations every day that, if navigated without the Word, will have negative, long-term effects.  Living by Biblical precepts and the wisdom they offer assures me peace.  I consider the Word and it’s guidance, pray and ask the Spirit to help me apply it correctly, then exhale in relief that I rest in God’s eternal truth.  No man’s words can shake loose my tranquility because the plumb line of heaven has marked and defined my path.

The world keeps changing its rules.  It was tormenting.  I love the sure footing of Your Word.  When I stand in it, nothing moves my feet.  I praise Your Truth.  Amen

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