Mercy and Beauty

Let your mercy come to me that I might live.  Psalm 119:77

The psalmist could not fully understand how his cry for mercy would be fulfilled in Christ.  He saw mercy as a ‘thing’ God would bestow.  Ultimately, God sent mercy as a person.  Mercy touched our eyes so we could see God, forgave our sins so we could approach God, and ultimately died so we could belong to God as sons and daughters.

mercyMercy was not something Jesus had to learn.  It was part of His character.  I can’t understand the kind of love that fuels mercy either.  It was mercy that prompted Him to come as a baby to a turbulent Roman world.  Mercy subjected Him to chaos and murderous plots.  Mercy led Him to die for people who needed forgiveness yet were insulted by the suggestion of their need for it.

The baby who embodied mercy came with a sword in His mouth because mercy comes with a partner.  Truth.  When truth hits hard, mercy is right there to catch me when I fall.  Truth tells me that I’m a sinner and doomed to pay for it.  Mercy reminds me that He loved me enough to pay sin’s price in my place so I can be freed from my guilty verdict.

The sword of truth in Jesus’ mouth was veiled for a time.  He was a baby, like us, who cried  indistinguishable words.  Not for long though.  Once He started speaking, earth has never been the same.  When His Word is read or spoken, the sword still falls.  For any who desire to see, truth invades deception and cuts with a clean slice.  Mercy comes right along behind it.  Jesus, my merciful Savior, offers hope and redemption if I do my part to embrace the truth of my need.

“Let mercy come to me” is a beautiful prayer.  However, the beauty will never be experienced if I pretend I have no need of it.  By brushing it aside, it is cheapened to a mere trinket.  People cry out for want of love, of goodness, of beauty and of mercy and yet refuse to prepare their hearts to see all of this in God.  Mercy is there, resident in Christ.  The kingdom is here now.

I can think of two ways I need your mercy today.  Reveal all my need of You.  Let Your mercy come to me.  In Jesus’ name, Amen

One thought on “Mercy and Beauty

  1. I just read about Mercy and I want you to know I am praying. Your faithfulness to God and desire to use this to further the kingdom and encourage believers is such a testimony. I thank God for you.

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