Month: May 2016

When Is An Apology Sufficient?

Great is your mercy, O Lord.  Psalm 119:156 When I've wronged someone, how many times do I have to say "I'm sorry" for mercy to be shown?  In this world, the greater the offense, the more times a repeated apology is necessary.  Restitution can be … Continue reading When Is An Apology Sufficient?

When It Feels Like a Broken Promise

Confirm to your servant your promise, that you may be feared.  Psalm 119:38 The human soul can be so tossed about by trouble that a once confirmed promise from God is shaken loose from its foundation.  God gave it, even confirmed it initially, but now … Continue reading When It Feels Like a Broken Promise


I had said in my alarm, “I am cut off from your sight.” But you heard the voice of my pleas for mercy when I cried to you for help.  Psalm 131:22 A big blowup in a relationship is not what usually kills it. People … Continue reading God-Estrangement

Prayer For A Loved One’s Salvation

Lord God, I pray for the fulfillment of Your promises. Many words of faith have been proclaimed. Many words of salvation have been uttered into the darkness. Many scriptures have been whispered in tearful prayers. They still beg for a harvest. The words left the … Continue reading Prayer For A Loved One’s Salvation

Demonic Glitter

Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the Lord our God.  Psalm 20:7 David compels the people of God to turn away from counterfeit powers.  Horses and chariots were plentiful both inside the kingdom and outside.  Kingdoms … Continue reading Demonic Glitter

Who Can You Count On?

The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance.  Psalm 16:6 Have you ever been denied what is rightfully yours?  Perhaps inheritance issues have divided your family and humanly speaking, you came out on the short end.  The … Continue reading Who Can You Count On?

Seasons of Taunting

Let your steadfast come to me, O Lord, your salvation according to your promise; then shall I have an answer for him who taunts me, for I trust in your Word.  Psalm 119:41-42 If the promises of God are coming true in my life in … Continue reading Seasons of Taunting