The Father’s Cooing on the Eve of Jesus’ Birth



Can you feel the arms of my Spirit wrapped around you?  Oh, I am strong in You already.  You are still part of the Trinity, just incarnate and tiny.  Let me soothe away the confinement you’re feeling, Son.  Tomorrow, you will no longer be cramped.  You will gasp your first breath of earth’s air and stretch your legs.  This is both awesome and terrifying for you.

The moment is upon you, my Lamb.  This is what we planned from before time when we looked ahead and saw the earth break apart from sin.  Lucifer, once our friend, is still your foe.  He is on the prowl and out to destroy your life.  But take care little Savior, he has no power over you.  You are small but you are protected.  I will do all that is necessary to ensure that you make it to the cross.  I’ll send dreams to Joseph and he will listen.  He is a righteous man and will look after you.

Earth will be nothing like the glories of heaven you left behind.  You will be confined to an infant’s mind, only understanding unintelligible language. Soft voices and gentle lullabies.   But, fear not my Son when life takes a turn and feels fragile. I have gone before you. Threats will be empty and under my sovereign control.

For all you will suffer, my heart already aches.  For all you will conquer, I already celebrate.  For all those you will love for me, my heart is already grateful.

No one will ever be closer to you than me.  I am your Father and I love you.  One day, you will be a man and tell your followers about us.  You will say, “If you keep my commandments, you will remain in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commandments and remain in his love.”  Keep telling them.  Keep showing them that their strength is in me.  Let them see us together – all the way to the cross.

One day at a time.  Tonight, hear my voice.  Rest.  I will rock you to sleep.

Application:  Shhh, hear the lullaby.  Add your own voice in harmony.

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