God’s Glory In Unexpected Places


And an angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them. Luke 2:9

         Oh, to be chosen to witness the glory of God! The shepherds didn’t ask for the experience. They didn’t earn it nor did they expect it. The unmerited favor of God intervened in their personal history and brought a moment they would never forget. Nothing would eclipse the memory of that night when the heavens opened up and the veil that had previously limited their spiritual eyesight was lifted.

         Since then, the angels have never again appeared to announce the coming of a Savior. The unimaginable display of God’s glory was only something we would read about in the Christmas story. However, there are still displays of God’s glory.

         A woman named Katy lies in a Lexington, Kentucky hospital today. She has taught the scriptures globally and left a profound impact on others as wife, mother, teacher and intercessor. She is suffering from a massive stroke due to a complication from surgery. She is paralyzed on one side, cannot swallow, and cannot speak. She suffers from extreme hunger and thirst even though she has a feeding tube. Though the scene is a humanly tragic one, God’s glory fills the room. How do I know? Because of what Katy does with her time. In her hand, she fingers every groove of a six-inch wooden cross that someone made for her. Family and medical staff can see the almost imperceptible signs of her lips moving in prayer. Jesus and the angels are there and if you and I could step into her room for a moment, we would know that we were on holy ground. Her family feels it. No doubt others know that this is no ordinary room.  

         God’s glory is also mine to experience, and mine to share, no matter where God takes me the next three days. The implications of the cross in my new birth experience have transformed my identity.  This transformation is evident most in challenging circumstances. Whether a hospital room, a prison cell, or a missionary post far from home, God’s glory will be on display because He radiates through the lives of His children. I can never guess who it is that will recognize Jesus in some holy moment. Someone will have a divine appointment with God through seeing His glory in me. “Shine through me, Jesus!” is my prayer today.

Fill me. Use me. Do not let me quench Your Spirit. In Jesus’ name, Amen

**To read more of Katy’s story and to join the family of intercessors praying for her miracle, visit:


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