Your righteousness is righteous forever, and your law is true.  Psalm 119:142

            It’s tough not knowing where you stand with someone you love.  Even tougher with someone you need.  If that person’s values have never been made clear, if their personality is hidden, then the relationship flounders.

            If God is that unknown person, any security I might feel with Him is non-existent.  If I don’t know Him; what He’s like, what He loves, what He values, what He hates, then I will have no idea if what I do pleases or displeases Him.  I will approach Him with a nervous heart, wondering if I am good standing.  I will be like a nervous child peeking around the doorway to a parent’s room, wondering if they approve of me. 

            Security for any child begins with secure parents.  The adults set up parameters for how the home operates.  There are family systems in place so that everyone knows where they fit in.  With no guesswork and with righteous leadership, children flourish.

            So it is in God’s family.  He is righteous.  He leads righteously.  His Word is true, safe, and reliable.  This provides an infrastructure where faith flourishes, where prayers are confident.  Because I know who my Father is, I know what to pray for and I know the nature of the One who says He loves to bless me.

            God’s Word frames an infrastructure where His children move around inside with safety, confidence and joy.  The laws were written with love.  They don’t change for anyone, under any circumstances, and are permanently in tact.  Guesswork is a thing of the past. This infrastructure, the haven of the kingdom, is the place my soul lives and thrives forever – starting now.

You, and everything having to do with You, are permanent and enduring.  I can breathe out a sigh of relief because my home with You is a place I can relax and know I’m finally home.  Thank you for knowing how to handle children.  Amen

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