Month: September 2014

On The Other Side Of The Door

ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR And those that entered, male and female of all flesh, went in as God had commanded him.  And the LORD shut him in.  Genesis 7:16          Many children today flee their parents’ arguments by running to their room … Continue reading On The Other Side Of The Door

A Father And Consequences

A FATHER AND CONSEQUENCES Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity.  Romans 1:24a             When we see our children make bad choices, we usually want to rush in and prevent them from experiencing the consequences.  What we try to protect them … Continue reading A Father And Consequences

Does God Have a Heart For Your Family?

DOES GOD HAVE A HEART FOR YOUR FAMILY? Then the men said to Lot, “Have you anyone else here? Sons-in-law, sons, daughters, or anyone you have in the city, bring them out of the place.  For we are about to destroy this place.”  Genesis 19:12 … Continue reading Does God Have a Heart For Your Family?

God Put An Evil Man To Death

GOD PUT AN EVIL MAN TO DEATH And Judah took a wife for Er his firstborn, and her name was Tamar. But Er, Judah’s firstborn, was wicked in the sight of the Lord, and the Lord put him to death. Genesis 38:6-7          This is … Continue reading God Put An Evil Man To Death

A Hundred Years From Now

A HUNDRED YEARS FROM NOW Meanwhile the Midianites had sold him in Egypt to Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh, the captain of the guard.  Genesis 37:36 Do I ever consider what will happen to my family a hundred years from now?  If I’m wise, I … Continue reading A Hundred Years From Now

“Can’t You Hear Your Brother Crying?”

“CAN’T YOU HEAR YOUR BROTHER CRYING?” And they took him and threw him into a pit. The pit was empty; there was no water in it. Then they sat down to eat. Genesis 37:25-25a                A group of grown men seized their own flesh … Continue reading “Can’t You Hear Your Brother Crying?”

Who Does Such Things?!

WHO DOES SUCH THINGS?!          Then Judah said to his brothers, “What profit is it if we kill our brother and conceal his blood? Come, let us sell him to the Ishmaelites, and let not our hand be upon him, for he is our brother, … Continue reading Who Does Such Things?!

You Are Who You Are In Heaven

YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE IN HEAVEN So when Joseph came to his brothers, they stripped him of his robe, the robe of many colors that he wore. Genesis 37:23          Joseph was stripped of his royal kind of robe. Jesus was stripped of his … Continue reading You Are Who You Are In Heaven

Do I Learn From My Mistakes?

DO I LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES? Come now, let us kill him and throw him into one of the pits. Then we will say that a fierce animal has devoured him, and we will see what will become of his dreams.” But when Reuben heard … Continue reading Do I Learn From My Mistakes?

How Do Others Experience Me?

HOW DO OTHERS EXPERIENCE ME? Then he dreamed another dream and told it to his brothers and said, “Behold, I have dreamed another dream. Behold, the sun, the moon, and eleven stars were bowing down to me.” But when he told it to his father … Continue reading How Do Others Experience Me?