Hiding In The Word


The wicked lie in wait to destroy me, but I consider all your testimonies.  Psalm 119:95

 This world offers us no real stability.  Sooner or later, everyone or everything we put our trust in shifts beneath our feet.  If it’s our job, we feel the threat of losing it. If it’s money, we feel the panic of a shifting economy.  If it’s a person, we feel uneasy when we see evidence of their humanity.  Selfishness, fragility, changeability; these are the undoing of security.  While each of these can undermine our wellbeing, a wicked person has the potential power to threaten it entirely.

A person who has it in for another person, especially when it’s a wicked person vs. God’s child, is driven to destroy.  Satan fills their heart with a mission that does not diminish with time.  If God’s child is blessed, they feel a strong desire to see calamity come.  They rejoice in the bad news of God’s servant.

The difficult part of today’s scripture is to realize that David called some of his former friends ‘enemies’.  He expressed the pain, elsewhere in the Psalms, of the personal betrayal of those whom he had trusted.

The reality is that not all wicked are godless people, afar off from God.  Wickedness can simmer quietly beneath the surface of the church, even in families.  Those closet to us can have it in for us.  We can feel it even if it’s not flaming hatred.  We begin to feel that they struggle with our good news, that they have a private sneer when we fail, that they rejoice in our humanness and celebrate our failures, that they despise our talents.  This is the stuff that is hard to forgive as it taunts us constantly.  Satan rehearses these events like a worn out video tape in our head.

God offers each of us a refuge.  “Hide me,” is our prayer.  We hide ourselves in the WORD, Himself, and find that the comfort of Jesus is enough for every moment.  He has experienced the kiss of a Judas and all that encompasses.  He has experienced the fickle support of the crowd; celebrated one moment and maligned the next.  When his personal ground shook, He went out alone to pray and went home to His Father for stability.  He showed us the pathway to daily strength.

Every word I need, You are.  Amen



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One thought on “Hiding In The Word

  1. An awesome message! So timely for a situation God has been trying to bring clarity to in my own life. I feel that His intent for my reading this was to confirm His words to me. When this person is a husband who professes Christianity it is defenitely a bit scary. God has had so much to say on this subject over the past few months, but seems to be working overtime to drive the message home.It is a long and painful story and I would very much appreciate your prayers.

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