Let my heart be sound in thy statutes, that I be not ashamed.  Psalm 119:80

A sound heart in the statues of my God ~ that’s what I want more than anything in 2014.  I don’t want my head to obey out of ritual and my heart to feel nothing at all.  I’ve lived much of my life that way and it was a long slow death.  I want to be fully alive, passionate about what I believe and engaged with the laws of the kingdom.

When my grandsons were smaller, I built many Lincoln Logs houses with them.  Because of their age, they were more enthralled with the colorful red and green roof pieces than they were the brown logs that would make up our foundation.  In their excitement to work with the frills, they were unconcerned with taking the time to make a stable base.  You can guess what happened.  A little bit of weight on a skimpy base brought the house down.

This next year holds many dreams for God’s people. Some will attempt to strengthen their marriages.  Others will work hard to reconcile with an estranged child.  Ministers will work at growing their ministries.  Businessmen will implement new strategies.  Someone who is reading this may be looking at house plans, planning to build a new home in 2014.  All of these goals can be just frills on a house.  What counts is what’s underneath.  The foundation is what ensures success or failure.

I make His Word my home in this New Year.  Choosing to live in God’s kingdom gives me an infrastructure I can relax in.  No lawlessness abounds inside His city gates.  His justice has no holes.  He rules completely and fairly.  Every law is for the good of His people, not to fatten the government at the expense of those it rules.

I know it is only by your grace that my heart will value your statutes more than my own independence.  Strengthen my foundation, piece by piece, this next year.  Amen

Journal Question:  Review this past year.  Have you attempted something in your own strength only to see it fail?   Now is the perfect time to make a course correction.  Repent of your independence and start again with God.

One thought on “THE EVE OF A NEW YEAR

  1. Me to Christine.
    I sense the LORD is saying much there is much restoration and reconciliation coming and will affect HIS family and ours.
    I am praying into this need. I love the prayer at the end of this devotion. My hearts cry.

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