Month: November 2013

The Moment That Hangs In The Balance

THE MOMENT THAT HANGS IN THE BALANCE And Isaac said to his father Abraham, “My father!” And he said, “Here I am, my son.” He said, “Behold, the fire and the wood, but where is the lamb for a burnt offering?”  Genesis 22:7          Perhaps … Continue reading The Moment That Hangs In The Balance

Trusting God With My Child

TRUSTING GOD WITH MY CHILD          And Abraham took the wood of the burnt offering and laid it on Isaac his son. And he took in his hand the fire and the knife. So they went both of them together.  Genesis 22:6          We can … Continue reading Trusting God With My Child

How Faith Talks

HOW FAITH TALKS          On the third day Abraham lifted up his eyes and saw the place from afar. Then Abraham said to his young men, “Stay here with the donkey; I and the boy will go over there and worship and come again to … Continue reading How Faith Talks

Take The First Step!

TAKE THE FIRST STEP! So Abraham rose early in the morning, saddled his donkey, and took two of his young men with him, and his son Isaac.  And he cut the wood for the burnt offering and arose and went to the place of which … Continue reading Take The First Step!

Is There Such a Thing As Blind Obedience?

IS THERE SUCH A THING AS BLIND OBEDIENCE? He said, “Take your son, your only son Isaac, whom you love, and go to the land of Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains of which I shall tell … Continue reading Is There Such a Thing As Blind Obedience?

Testing ~ The Subject We Avoid

TESTING – THE SUBJECT WE AVOID After these things God tested Abraham and said to him, “Abraham!” And he said, “Here I am.” Genesis 22:1          I’ve spoken with three women, just this week, who believe God is testing them. He’s led … Continue reading Testing ~ The Subject We Avoid

Who’s Talking?

WHO’S TALKING? Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs.  Eph. 4:29          Don’t you wish people were consistently encouraging with their words?  I can carry one nasty comment … Continue reading Who’s Talking?

Expect Spiritual Sparks!

EXPECT SPIRITUAL SPARKS! At that time Abimelech and Phicol the commander of his army said to Abraham, “God is with you in all that you do. Now therefore swear to me here by God that you will not deal falsely with me or with my … Continue reading Expect Spiritual Sparks!

Remember and Review

REMEMBER AND REVIEW I was once a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent man.  I Timothy 1:13          One of the prevailing themes of Scripture is ‘remember and review.’  Remember where you came from.  Remember what you were like before you knew God loved … Continue reading Remember and Review

God Is Nearer Still

GOD IS NEARER STILL But you are near, O Lord, and all your commandments are true.  Psalm 119:151     When someone is outside the house, on your property, meaning to do you harm, you want the policeman on the inside of the house with you.  … Continue reading God Is Nearer Still