Princess to Princess


And God said to Abraham, “As for Sarai your wife, you shall not call her name Sarai, but Sarah shall be her name.  Genesis 17:15

         Sarai means princess.  So does Sarah.  She was once of nobility among her people, her father’s princess.  Once God spoke her name, changed it slightly, she was named as one who would share in the covenant God made with Abraham.  She would be God’s princess.  The name change might seem insignificant, but it was a sign that she would be foundational in the new thing God was doing with their future.

         When I was born, my parents gave me a name.  How I felt about it depended on how others said it.  Did they use it to call me with joy?  Did they ever say it tenderly as I went to sleep?  Did they tweak it and morph it into an endearing nickname?  If none of the above was true, I’ll probably not only despise my name but also myself.

         Something happens though when God calls my name. The very voice of Love gives it a unique sound in my spirit.  There is no way God can touch anything without the properties of it changing.

         Satan would love to use a common thing like a name to inspire self-hatred.  He goads others to ridicule.  He knows that with enough negative input, I’ll associate my name with painful memories.

         God can, and wants to, heal the meaning of my name.  It shouldn’t be hard.  I have His Spirit living inside.  If I just be still and ask Him to speak my name, won’t He do it?  He is a wooing God.

You are personal and eager to do things I’ve never even thought of asking.  Expand the possibilities.  Amen

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