The Nature of Chaos


[God said] “Come, let us go down and there confuse their language, so that they may not understand one another’s speech.”  Genesis 11:7

            Just yesterday, my seven-year-old grandson asked me what the word ‘chaos’ meant.  To help him better understand the concept of confusion, I had him play a game with me.  I started it.  “Let’s say that a visitor came to your house and wanted to make a big mess.  They emptied every kitchen cabinet and left piles all over the counters and kitchen floor.  Then they open flour, sugar, and spices – and just dumped the bags all over the kitchen table.  That’s a picture of chaos.”  I asked him if his mom and dad would just leave it all and live life like nothing happened or would they, instead, put everything back in order?  (Then I asked him to describe what else a visitor might do, in another room, to introduce chaos and he was very inventive!)

God introduced confusion as a judgment.  The peoples of the earth had abused their unity to fuel the unholy ambition of tower building for their own gain.  To cripple their efforts, he separated them by many languages.  If they couldn’t understand one another, they wouldn’t be able to work together.

I find that chaos and chaotic thinking are still signs of evil.  One who is in the grip of the evil one devises a logic that weaves webs.  No matter how much you try to understand them and their behavior, the more tormented you become.  You just can’t ever get to the bottom of the issue.  The best thing anyone can do is stop trying to make sense of what is senseless.

I heard someone say that at Babel, God pronounced judgment on evil by using many languages to confuse.  At Pentecost, He brought blessing and kingdom advancement by taking many languages and creating order.

Anytime I am swirling in the midst of confusion and think God is the author, I have attributed an attribute to God that is not His.  He is simple yet deep, profound, clear and concise.  The kingdom is well ordered.  His statutes are written in pristine legal language.

Help me step above the chaos to the serenity of Your order.  Amen

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