Cursed By God


The Lord God said to the serpent, “Because you have done this, cursed are you…” Genesis 3:14a

            God is passing judgment on the devil.  He is to be despised, accursed, an enemy of God, and ultimately destroyed by a Redeemer to come.  As of this moment, there commences a war between what is holy and unholy.  Satan’s designs for mankind will be made public ~ he is one who seeks to devour and destroy.  Heaven and hell can never be reconciled nor can light and darkness.  The two are antithetical.  When they are not, something is wrong.

            What of the times when it’s hard to tell right from wrong?  What of the Christians whose light is dim, whose deeds are as much evil as holy?  What of God’s family who sing together and then fight and gossip?   In this culture, we can send out a mixed signal.  We should be hot or cold.  Every sermon should bring a polarized response. Either the listener should feel drawn to follow Jesus as a radical disciple or should be so repelled that he runs in the opposite direction.

            In the garden, opposites were established.  The lines were drawn.  It has been God’s plan for His people to continue to draw a line in the sand with their lives.  When the lines are blurred, God is misunderstood.  Most people can’t separate who WE are from who God is.  As we misrepresent him by living in the shadows of light and darkness, the world is repelled by a God whom they assume is also corrupted, who also is driven by double standards.

            Satan is my enemy.  He represents everything that is evil and dark.  I am a child of the Light.  As I speak, sing, and make everyday choices, there should be no confusion as to whose side I am on.

Let the light do it’s work in my life.  Repel and draw.  Make me holy as you are holy.  Amen

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