Thank you!

Good morning,

I wanted to write a note to all of you this morning in lieu of the devotional.  Next week, we begin chapter 5 of Romans.  I can’t believe we’ve come this far.  I was so skittish as I began this book, knowing it was a heavyweight spiritual challenge.  Each morning, throughout the first two chapters, I was a nervous wreck, praying that God would be faithful to help and teach me.  That’s a redundant prayer because He is faithful.  Nonetheless, that’s where I was. Perhaps you’ll be glad to know that I’ve settled in, confident that what God has started, He will complete.  (I can’t wait for chapter 8!)

Satan lied to our first set of parents, Adam and Eve, about the importance of taking God’s words seriously. He encouraged them to question. “Did God really say that?” In doing their own thing, which was really Satan’s thing, they were filled with shame and went to hide. Shame destroys our confidence with God. We no longer have the guts to stand before Him, look Him in the face, and engage in the relationship. Sin clogs the line of openness and what was once free and easy is full of cobwebs.

Today, I examine my heart again and prepare for this next leg of the journey.  I want to thank you for really digging into Romans with me.  Though I haven’t sat down with you, face to face, I hear from many of you each day.  Some of you are printing out the devotionals and compiling your own books.  Others of you are tearful; grateful for the life-giving words that are changing your life.  I am reminded, every day, that none of us live in a vacuum.  As we let the Word and the Spirit change us, and as we tell our stories of grace to others, we impact the whole body of Christ. 

Thank you for listening.  I love you and pray for you each day.  Once a week, I scroll through all the names of the subscribers and lift you up before the Father.  May the rest of Romans give us the ride of a lifetime. 

Yours because of Jesus,


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